Monday 19 July 2010

Do you agree?

Do you agree with me?

Do you agree with me that the corruption within the BN government is simply impossible to ignore? Do you agree that Najib must submit himself to a judicial process to clear himself of any involvement in the murder of Altantuya? Do you agree that the BN government is without good leaders with decent values? Do you agree that the recent subsidy cuts were not justified when the BN government paid RM$500 million as commission for the purchase of the French Submarines? Do you agree that all Ministers in the Cabinet should declare their assets and that, as promised, the KPI’s for every Cabinet Minister should be published by now?

If you agree with me then why are you just sitting down doing nothing? Why do you think that going tsk tsk tsk and and shaking your head in sorrow at the antics of the BN government is enough to ensure its defeat at the next general election? Do you think Pakatan Rakyat can win the war with BN without your help? Do you think that PR will form the next government if you do not do your part to make it happen?

Please we must be more mindful of what is happening now in the lead up towards the next general election. Everyday BN try to find ways to neutralize PR. They use money to lure PR politicians over into the BN’s camp  - you can see for yourself what happened in Perak. BN does not hesitate to go after PR leaders in any way they can. We know what they are doing to Anwar now through the sodomy Two case. And yet you all sit down and continue to go tsk tsk tsk and shake your head in sorrow - thinking there is nothing you can do.   

I live in Adelaide - 5,588 km or 3,472 miles away from Kuala Lumpur. Nothing that now happens in KL can affect my life over here and yet I still think about what is happening in KL everyday. Everyday I wake up and power up my PC to go to KL through the Net – and what I see when I get there tugs at my heart because I cannot understand how a country as beautiful and forgiving as ours deserve a government like Barisan Nasional! 

It just does not make sense…until I realize that it is the people that voted BN in. It is the people that allow BN to govern them the way they do – a government neck deep in corruption and money politics. The people deserve the government they got!

So now I ask you again. Do you agree with me that the BN government is corrupt? If you do why do you keep quiet and take what they dish out to you? Why do you allow the Police to treat you as their personal bank – taking money from you whenever then want to. Why do you allow those BN politicians to think that they are still in control of OUR country?

If you agree with me then do something. Anything! Lift you little finger and poke the person next to you and ask them what they think of the subsidy cut? Ask them what they think of Teoh Beng Hock? What they think about Anwar’s Sodomy Two trial? About Rosmah’s pompous need to be called First Lady. Keep all these issues and others issues alive and in the thoughts of everybody. Any issue that puts BN in a bad light is a good issue. Any thoughts that will make our commitment to PR stronger is a good thought. Any action that promotes our agenda to have PR form the next Malaysian Government are positive actions. So make yourself do something. Anything. Every bit that each and everyone of you can do towards making victory for PR more certain will be required of you to do  - everyday, every week, every month – every moment… the years to the general election turns into months. The month turns to weeks. The weeks into days…and soon you see that every brick that we put together to make our wall stronger will have its day to keep BN out. So please if you agree with me…do something. You are one. With me we are two. Do something if you agree.    


  1. Definitely brother!!!
    Just do it and UMNO/BN must be kicked out.

  2. Great post! Definitely true. Sadly,the younger generation today are not really aware of all these esp Malaysian uni students..they just study and have their "life goes on" attitude. Ask them, why do they not vote or to register as voters? They'll reply with nonchalance, "My 1 vote won't change a thing la"..That's sad.

  3. HH, the truth of the matter is, there are things happening and going to happen pretty soon...

    A big swoop on the way, look at their previous modus operandi, first newspapers, than people than party and lastly a "SNAP ELECTIONS" !

    The war path is wide open, within the ranks of BN is cold, MCA & MIC are treated like pariah dogs, thanks to idiots like Ibrahim d'frog Ali!

    Very soon MCA & MIC also will leave Barisan Najis to drown on its own.

    I think the results in Sarawak means a lot to the nation, they also know that their days are numbered.

    With great minds and actions all in full swing, the many hidden cases will eventually surface and truth shall be known one way or another!

    It spells DOOMSDAY for the UMNO goons and cohoots!