Tuesday 27 July 2010

Cakap Cakap...marah ni!!

We have a bunch of monkeys running our country who are in total denial. In denial of what harm they are doing to our economy, to our people and to their own self because they have no idea what they have got themselves into when the ride they are now taking at our expense is over for them! These UMNO Malays throw other Malays into jail under ISA and regard this act simply as collateral damage to these individuals. The non-Malays they throw into jail are easier to explain as being enemies of UMNO.

These BN people allow PDRM to run wild.

In Malaysia "...from 1990 till September last year [2004], a total of 1,583 deaths among prisoners were recorded in 28 prisons nationwide, with the highest number in 2003 when 279 inmates died. During the same period, 150 detainees died in police lock-ups or custody…" - Malaysiakini, 7/2/2005 

Murdering people in custody and gunning them down in gun battles where the arsenal carried by PDRM easily explains the mentality re the overkill of Altantuya by the C4 explosives!

Anybody that is not with BN is against them! The opposition is against them. The other races are against UMNO. Even religion is cast in the light of whether they are with UMNO or not. PAS is the enemy because they are not with BN. Now there are even Malays who are deem to be UMNO enemies because these Malays question what UMNO has been up to in the last 52 years!

Amidst all this paranoia Najib rules…well at least he thinks he rules. A leader lost in a situation beyond his ability to manage. A leader in denial drowning in a sea of corruption, money politics and so much corruption and dirt waiting to explode under him and his wife and blow them to smithereens! All the while incredibly unaware that everyday opposition to him being Prime Minister and to having BN govern our country is increasing at a frightening rate. Frightening to BN but not to the people of this country.

The BN leadership strata is one out of touch with what their own people are asking them to do. We have a bunch of idiots trying to run a country not for the people that voted them in but for themselves, their families and their cronies.

Who do they think Malaysia belongs to? Their Father? It is time they all understand that they are not playing at being Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Ministers of this country! This is not a dress rehearsal or a practice run or an ego trip for them! This is the real thing. Malaysia is a real country. So wake up and start preparing for the real deal when you will be held accountable for the mess you have made.

No more UTK standing guard over you. No more PDRM to do your bidding. No more money for yourselves or to buy others to do your biddings. No more having to go through security or layers upon layers of security to try and see you. No more police escorts through traffic, no more other cars waiting to let you go past! Nothing will save you from our anger. All those people that you arrested under ISA – can you see what they will do to you on a personal level if there ever get physically close to you? PR leaders, Anwar and Guan Eng included have been civilized when they talk about the injustice of they being held in jail under the ISA. I do not have to be civilized. I hope to God that they will throw the book at all those BN leaders who have strutted through the corridors of power throwing their weight around while stealing money from the people.

And you Najib and Rosmah will be the numero uno in terms of being called to accounts for your past misdeeds…you two and Mahathir!   


  1. the last photo, the horny UMNO monkey tells a lot of story...besides stealing they also like rubbing...

  2. Sir

    Thank you for continuing to speak up for all Malaysians who have been suffering from the 50 years of draconian rule with blatant and shamed corruptions. So glad to see you back in action. I have a lot of respect for you not because you criticise BN but for your very unbiased analysis and opinions.

    Please continue to speaks for us. We need someone like you. The corrupt leaders have been making Malaysians of different races and religions suspect each other to the point of isolating us. They systematically carry out divide-and-conquer politics. They think we are so stupid but in actual fact they are showing us how stupid they can be.

    Let the MSM spin whatever they want. Though I still subscribe to the newspaper but I do that to keep myself informed of the continuous lies and cover-ups. I honestly think that it is a blessing in disguise that BN thinks that by having MSM to spin their propaganda day in and day out, they can change our perceptions of BN. How wrong can they be.

    They still are in denial that Malaysians of all races are now so well-informed and educated that we do not trust a single bit of what MSM is spinning anymore. In fact, lets allow MSM to continue to spin, as they do BN is closer to the grave than they think. GE13 will be the day BN will be buried for good.