Tuesday 20 July 2010

Cakap cakap : N. Tharmendran

Teoh Beng Hock was taken away by MACC and within hours he is dead! What is there to say that it will not happen again? Even if we have tried to move the people to gather at MACC to ensure TBH’s safety there would not be time. I say this because of what I read today about former air force sergeant N. Tharmendran and his fear that TUDM will do him harm.

Let us learn from what happened with TBH. Even if N. Tharmendran is wrong let us err on the side of safety. Safety for him.

Beat all the drums you have. Blow all the trumpets you can find. Turn up the volume of all the radios you have in your houses and in your cars. Clap your hands and shout at the top of your voices. Let BN hear our voices that say that this man must not be harmed! Should TUDM, PDRM or the Judicial system harm him then they shall see us all pick up any stone we find on the ground and throw them with as much force as we can muster at TUDM, PDRM and the BN government. This we promise to do without fail.

We hold the BN government responsible if N. Tharmendran should happen to accidentally fall and hurt himself while in their custody, if the vehicle transporting him from point A to point B happens to be involved in an accident and he his hurt – in fact we hold BN responsible if any harm at all were to befall N. Tharmendran in any way at all while under their custody.

Let us act to ensure his safety. Let us act now. Go to his trial in large numbers. Hold demonstrations demanding the BN governments guarantee his well-being. Talk to anybody you know about this so that as many of our people know about what is going on with this case. Do this without fail and as often as you can until the BN acknowledges and understand that when they guarantee the safety of T Tharmendran there are also guaranteeing their safety. Then he will be safe.   


  1. Who do we turn to ensure his safety now? No one! Not a single person can ensure his safety when you know who is bent on destroying him. Only God can help him.
    Pak Tua.

  2. hahaha! juz by looking at najib's eyes 1 wud know who stole the jet engines ... no price for guessing it right!

    tharmendra's life is at stake. outside jail he scad the airforce crooks wud abduct him. inside the jail statistic stacks against him bcos he's indian ... so many indians died while in polis custody. better pray for him.

  3. Hahaha another joke of the century!!!
    Wonder why the Panglima Angkatan Tentera and Panglima Tentera Udara keeping quiet.
    Are they not supposed to protect their own service men. With this kind of leaders running the organization then can we trust them and depend on them to lead in defending the nation?
    Wake up Defense Minister and it is about time you kick your generals or you too need to be kicked out....