Sunday 25 July 2010

Cakap a Malay this is what I think...

We Malays have a contract with UMNO. The terms of the contract are simple. We vote you in. You take care of us. The same the Chinese had with MCA and the Indians with MIC. Typical of contracts amongst friends it was sealed with no more then a handshake and a belief that we will not let each other down. Over the years there have been times when we Malays have questioned the commitment of UMNO to keep their side of the bargain but always we have kept faith with some UMNO leaders – Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein. Fifty years down the road and six Prime Ministers later what do we have? The edge of extinction for Ketuanan Malays that was promised to us by UMNO. Thank God the Malays evolved. UMNO did not!

Now what are the Malays left with? What choice do we have? Do we vote UMNO to power again and have another fifty years of hope? Hope that another generation of Malays will not be let down by UMMO like their father were? We have spent fifty years of our life with UMNO. Fifty years of our life that we will never get back! UMNO stands for failure - for the Malays and for all those who call Malaysia their home.

UMNO is in a dilemma. They must have the Malay votes to remain in power. UMNO’s battle cry to the Malays is Ketuanan Melayu! And yet they know that 1Malaysia is a concept whose time has come and within 1Malaysia, the Ketuanan Melayu concept is simple untenable. There is no place for Ketuanan Melayu in 1 Malaysia.

The plight of the Malays has always been the same for the past twelve elections and it will be the same for the next twelve elections to come. It is this. We need to look within ourselves to better ourselves. Outside assist – whether in the form of Bumiputra status or privileges given to the Malays to improve their lives can only be of value if the Malays help themselves. That is the same for any race for any people. Now after fifty years we Malays understand that we are our own worst enemies – not the Chinese, not the Indians not the other races. We have learned to live with the other races as they have learned to live with us. The promise of a tomorrow without UMNO for the Malays is more attractive then one with UMNO.

UMNO will leave government still justifying their inability to ensure Ketuanan Melayu because of time constrain! They have come to office promising the Malays much. Then once in power they have promised much more but ended up destroying what opportunity the Malays had to succeed under Ketuanan Melayu in the name of saving it. The failure of UMNO is not only in their broken promises and of unmet goals promised to the Malays. All politicians makes promises they cannot keep, but UMNO stands out for abandoning the Malays in order to put themselves first.

The immediate challenge for the Malays will not come from the other races. It has never come from the other races. The immediate challenge now is to use our numerical strength to ensure the defeat of UMNO in the next General Election and put in its place a decent and good government for all of Malaysia. That will be the responsible use of the Malay strength and a true measure that we have come of age and that we are using that strength to make the best of our country’s future for all of us. And that strength will ensure that we will have a meaningful part to play in the future of our country.

Who care that UMNO says that they need more time? Not the Malays! UMNO trusted the Malays to do the right thing for fifty years by voting UMNO to power to take care of the Malays. Now the Malays are asking that UMNO trust the Malays to do the right thing again. This time the Malays will do the right thing by NOT voting for UMNO


  1. Datuk,

    Spoken like a true patriot lah. Malaysia can only be considered to have come of age if any Malaysian can write an article like yours and not labelled a pendatang, racist or worse.

    Incidentally, I can't help but notice you're going full speed once more. Not that we mind but pl. take care ok?

    Gold Coast

  2. The fallacy that most UMNOMalays have is to get rich first in the most expedient way lest the chinese and other races will grab away this opportunity from them.

    Their corrupt actions are justified with a self-fulfilling arguments that if they don't do it somebody else will and why should they uphold the concept of halal and haram when the chinese are free to do whatever they like without any prohibitions as far as halal or haram is concern.

    The worse part is in the belief that only if you are rich, can you do things and serve the community better. To further justify their actions, and the pathetic part of them all is the belief that after having done all the sinful things, they will go to Mecca to cleanse themselves and come back clean as white as a cloth.

  3. Common lah old man.. Not for UMNO, you won't be sitting comfortably in Adelaide writing this piece. You are what the malays call 'pengkhianat'. Come back here first if you want to put across your opinion. For now, just suck up to your Australian masters. My gerago vote is for BN! 1Malaysia!

  4. Gerrard,

    Mind telling us how you know that Hussein Hamid is a beneficiary of 'ketuanan melayu' policies. Don't forget to also tell us how you know that Hussein Hamid treat the Australians as his masters. I hope it is not your contaminated gerago mind that is making you assume that all Malays must be beneficiaries of 'ketuanan melayu' policies.

  5. A very challenging message. Let's hope all malaysian and the malays themselve rise up in order to difuse this time bomb.52 years under umno is enough. there is no progress and promises remains empty promises. Let's give the new government a chance. what have you got to loose??

  6. "My gerago vote is for BN! 1Malaysia! " - gerrard

    No sweat, that`s what you get for eating too much shrimp


  7. Instead of depending on others (i.e. UMNO), the Malays have to rely on themselves. With a bit of help from your friends ~ the other Malaysians.

    We are Malaysia United. To hell with the un-comprehensible 1Malaysia b...s...

  8. After more than 40 years 'ketuanan melayu' indoctrination by UMNO, a very large number of Malay minds, including highly educated one, have become so twisted until their understanding of the concepts of dignity (maruah) and shame (malu) have diverged from that of the rest of humanity's.

    e.g. outside of 'ketuanan melayu' it is considered more dignified for one to give rather than to take, especially if one has not been born either mentally or physically handicapped. However for proponents and followers of 'ketuanan melayu', it is the opposite. Their 'maruah' (dignity) includes the right to take what others have created or produced. The fact that they have not contributed their fair share is not important. They do not and cannot feel shame (malu) when they contribute less than their share and take more than their share.

    However such twisted minds don't really bother me. I only feel sorry for those Malays who do not agree with 'ketuanan melayu' and who have chosen not to benefit from the largesse of 'ketuanan melayu'. Because of the prominence given to 'ketuanan melayu' and NEP, many now wrongly assume that all Malays are parasites benefiting unfairly from NEP and other 'ketuanan melayu' policies. Perhaps this is also one of the reason why Hussein Hamid is so angry with the 'ketuanan melayu' concept. People who do not know him, e.g. Gerrard the gerago, paint him with the same brush as Ibrahim Ali.

    The comments from Gerrard the self-confessed gerago is a good example. Just because Hussein Hamid issued an anti-'ketuanan melayu' view, Gerrard rails against him for being an ingrate and a traitor ('pengkhianat'). This gerago assumes that Hussein Hamid had been a willing and knowing beneficiary of 'ketuanan melayu' policies, who after having benefited from such policies, now turns ungrateful and dares to give an anti-'ketuanan melayu' article.

  9. HH,

    I believe Gerrard is a paid APNO cyber trooper planting hatred and challenge in the blogosphere.

    These paid cyber troopers (monkeys) cannot continue to use names like prapukari, bigdog or the unspinners. So, now, they change tactic and use more english-sounding names.

    These paid monkeys did the same on the following blogs: SAKMONGKOL, Zorro, Dr Rafick's Rights2Write, e tc. Their line of challenge and rebuttal is the same.

    Khairy J (son-in-law of Badawi)'s blog has parpurkari and bigdog as constant pests and KJ said they are paid by Mukhriz. Reading the comments on his blog shows the open challenge between KJ and these pests.

    All I am saying is ...Ignore these pests paid by APNO to stir discord.

    Do not be discouraged by these pesky pests.

    Please continue to blog....I love what had written in the past and am happy that you are starting to blog again. Welcome back!


  10. After so many election and after so much lost opportunities, it can only amount to better late than never, if UMNO is knocked cold in GE13.

    Yet, it is not a done deal because, many malays somehow and funnily still feel indebted to UMNO. I just wonder, for what?

    It has not only been the fault of the malays that UMNO stayed in power. Like Raja Petra said, it was the chinese who kept UMNO in power. This was well demonstrated by the 30% non malay votes that went to BN, allowing BN to win in Hulu Selangor.

    I want to ask the chinese/non malays. What is it that cause you to vote for BN/UMNO? Are you blind, stupid, or what?

  11. People in general are STUPID! Thats why they are called 'sheep' to be led by a shepherd.
    Cut the head off & they will be leaderless. Think of Nelson Mandela, jail him & ANC was lost...
    Thats why they are rehashing SODOMY 2!
    Speak to a lot of people & the diversion of views are mind blogging, some just dont & never will understand the simple truth.
    Propaganda unfortunately works, but it all boils down to the Malays. They are the ones that have to decide the future of this country.

  12. Tun Razak came up with the NEP to help the Malays catch up with the other races on a level playing field which means the Malays would be able to stand as tall as the other Malaysians in form of achievements and opportunities.

    Unfortunately he died before see his dream achieved.

    Then in comes a crafty chaemaleon man who craftily hijacked the NEP to benefit himself and his cronies.

    As a result, the NEP becomes a drug, an opium to the Malays masses. It takes an outsider who metamorphorse into a Malay to bring a curse on the pristine Malay race.

    Not only that, Malay today is not solely the descendants of the pre Merdeka Malays but imported and given "a new coat of paint Malay".And they are in the majority now ?. I wonder

  13. Lets look some fundamentals:-
    1. Are Malaysia GDP in line with our neighbours? NO. in fact we are falling behind some of the late starter like Vietnam and Thailand.

    2. Does the benefit spills throughout the country? Defintely not, but this country with the resources deserve a higher earning power.

    3. Premier M got the Economics number wind up,, but he got some very very fundatmental flaw put in place like fingering the judiciary, bias policy, feed cronies.. bailing failed business, and rewrote constitution which are centuries old,. and so on and so forth.

    4. BN becomes a mouthpiece and lip service organ. Acquire all the major media and put them under parties interest.. a dawn to public uprising in the making.

    5. Malay businessmen cannot even compete in indonesia because they have got the benefit of "tongkat ali" Unless the big brother came with the big bulldozer which may sink or float big time.

    6. After 50 years we are stil refer by race.. what a failure of mankind.

    You just got the wrong guy on the right seat.

  14. Guys,
    Does it cross your mind you buggers... if we are not in the same line of thoughts with you guys like gerrard ie umno/malays bashing like Gerrard are then labelled as Apno cybertroopers. Do we all have to be like you....baskets

  15. The problem with UMNO is that the leaders outstay their welcome. It is alright if he/she happens to be a good/sincere person (difficult to find a politician who is but that!) and the tendency is for them to recruit and retain their close friends and relatives to be in the party.

    Anyone else wishing to contest will have a hard time to penetrate the divisional leadership simply because all Ketua Bahagian will get rewards in terms of government contracts to sustain them and their increasingly affluent lifestyle. This practice would eventually lead to mediocre people leading the party. And they will bribe their way to ensure their holding on to power at all cost

    So you get the sons, cousins, in-laws, uncles,aunties, brothers in the select group, a breeding ground for corruption right to the top! UMNO stinks because of this failure to look for talents and to avoid in-breeding.

    That will be the end of them because Nature abhors in-breeding!

    I doubt PKR will be any different. The only thing is to ensure no party is voted to govern beyond two terms. The people have to do spring cleaning every now and then and weed out opportunist politicians, only then can we be their master and not their slaves.