Friday 23 July 2010

With Thanks to Syed Bakar Ali..interesting lead.

Subject: FW: New scandal - RM150 fee for your must-have number plate

How to raise RM3 Billion instantly ?   Very easy for the BN.  Just impose a RM150 fee for the new number plate for your vehicle.  Looks like 666 is indeed among us.  Without this micro-chip number plate you would not be able to drive.  If you want to know why they need such a devise, you better ask and object to it as soon as you can before it is too late.  It might have serious consequence to you.
  Malaysia is indeed becoming a high cost of living, not high income country.
By Syed Akbar Ali
Folks, I just heard this from the president of a well known consumer association in Subang Jaya. Changes are being proposed to the Road Transportation Act (the Pengangkutan thingy) whereby all owners of registered motor vehicles will be required to buy new car license number plates.
The new number plates will have some computer chip in it (to make the Government's job easier I suppose). Here is thecatch.
1. We will still have to pay the old Road Tax, get the Road Tax sticker etc.
2. The "monopoly" to issue these new number plates will be given to two new companies (most likely crony companies - because they were not chosen by open tender or highest bidder for the concession).
There are about 20 million registered vehicles in this country (cars, buses, lorries, motorbikes etc). So 20 million x RM150 = RM3.0 Billion.
This seems to be the scale of cronyism nowadays - its always in the Billions, no more in the millions.
So two lucky cronies will get the franchise to charge us RM150.00 per license plate.
Is this why Chrome Dome was recently appointed to head the suruhanjaya pengangkutan darat or something? There are Billions worth of 'concessions' to be given out.
Why burden the public even more? You are removing the subsides, the price of fuel, oil, flour, sugar is all going up. The Government wants to waste RM800 million to build a new Parliament building.
And we pay for all these subsidies - directly, especially the APs for the motorcars. A Honda CRV 2010 model costs RM150,000 here. In the US you can buy it for USD22,000 or about RM68,000 - slightly more than a Proton Waja.
Why are we paying such high prices for cars? Who gains? Not the rakyat. Now we are required to pay RM150.00 for our car license plates for the benefit of some cronies.
I say, nak menang ke atau tak nak menang PRU13? Or is this the season of pukul habis ? You know the politicians figure they are going to lose the next elections, so lets take as much as we can while we have the time. Zaman pukul habis.
And if you dont buy these new RM150.00 license plates, you can be fined RM300 or jailed up to 20 years (isnt it kind of excessive?). So kalau kroni tak boleh kaya, kita pula masuk penjara atau bayar denda RM3000. Banyak cantik ! !
The other amendment to the Road Transport Act is that all roads, tracks and footpaths in the country and in the jungle will now be classsified 'Government roads'. This means the Government will be responsible for their maintenance and upkeep.
But it also means that the new RM150.00 number plate law will be fully enforced.
Again to benefit cronies. What does the rakyat get? Why do I need a microchip in my number plate? I am doing fine with the old RM20.00 number plate. Why think up useless ways to burden the people?


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