Friday 16 July 2010

UMNO caught Red Handed !

Read this first before you see this video!...please.

Ok guys I just have to share this with you all...and I am laughing my head off while trying to write this because I am thinking this is exactly the situation UMNO is in now...but first thing first. This is a video about how the Police catch Car Thieves using a Bait Car. A Bait Car is a car the police leave by the roadside..some times with the keys in the ignition. Some car thief come along and steals it and after a few minutes of driving around all hell breaks lose when the Police catches up with them. The car has remote camera to record what the thieves do inside the car and the police can control the car remotely...and the thieves are caught red handed with video evidence.

This is happening to UMNO now. They have hijack our country and driven it as if it was their own....and taken everything in the car as their own. Our cameras record all their abuses, money politics and greed etc. Now we will catch them at the 13th General Election...and put them all in jail and throw the key away!

That is why I laugh every time I see this video. Just as the police have caught the car thieves red handed and taking them to jail...we have caught up with UMNO and BN...and soon , very soon they will be in Jail.Enjoy.

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