Sunday 13 January 2013

Andy Williams, How Wonderful To Know


  1. Thanks for bringing back fond memories of the good old days. During the time when this song was popular and often heard playing in the radio I was living in a village next to a Malay kampong which had plenty of fruit trees like rambutan, durian, langsat, etc. Those days the Malays and other races lived together like one big family. When the fruit season was at its peak, we were invited to the kampong to share some with them. At the nearby Kinta river, we very often had picnic together and we made a deal that the one who caught the biggest fish will not have to pay for the food for the next picnic. Yes, your golden oldies always make me recall back the good old days. Thanks.

  2. Anon 10:30 I have been trying to write of those days too because I remember them well but the tears comes too easily when I even try to start....but I willl keep trying. regards.