Sunday 27 January 2013

cakap cakap......the things they say!

DEATH KNELL FOR BN: EU Willing to Recognize Anwar, PR as the NEW GOVT if They Win GE13

The European Union Ambassador to Malaysia Luc Vandebon said the EU would have no porblems working with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat coalition should they wrest the federal government in the coming general election.
“Absolutely, we want to work with Malaysia. We are ready to work with Datuk Seri Anwar and any other democratically-elected government,” Vandebon told a press conference on Friday.
Very significant statement from a world power
The statement is a tremendous morale booster for the 64-year-old Anwar and PR as they move into the last lap of what is expected to be a very dirty ballot.

The above is an extract from Demi Rakyat
Steadyaku47 comment:
This is what I mean by making stupid statements. Just what does Anwar expect the EU Ambassador to Malaysia to say? That the EU will not work with a democratically elected government in Malaysia? That the EU will only work with Barisan Nasonal? Come on lah Bro….naik standard sikit lah! We expect that from Najib not from you!


75-Day Countdown to 13GE – Will UMNO/BN leaders who really believe that BN will regain two-thirds majority in 13GE stand up?

steadyaku47 comment:
The above heading is from Kit Siang's blog. Let us get this straight – whether  BN wins with a one seat majority or with two thirds majority does not matter to BN. A win is a win. Please Kit Siang enough of this ‘point scoring.’ Just focus on your Pakatan Rakyat and make sure you stop shooting each other in the foot after you have already yourself shoot yourself in your own  foot! 


BABI's statement not true, Abu Mazen okayed Najib's visit to Gaza!

From the blog BarkingMagpie


But the tensions between Hamas and Fatah persist. The Fatah leader, PresidentMahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, condemned the visit of Mr. Najib, who is the first leader of a non-Arab Muslim state to visit Gaza since Hamas took full control there in 2007.
“The visit constitutes a harm to the Palestinian representation, boosts the division and does not serve the Palestinian interests,” said a statement by Mr. Abbas that appeared on the Web site of the official Wafa news agency.

But the visit drew criticism from the office of Mahmoud Abbas,  the Palestinian president, who also heads the Fatah movement.

"The Palestinian presidency announces its rejection and condemnation of the Malaysian prime minister's visit to Gaza," a statement carried on the official WAFA news agency said.

"It undermines Palestinian representation and reinforces the division and does not serve Palestinian interests," it continued, saying Abbas' bureau would ask Kuala Lumpur "for clarification." 

steadyaku47 comment:
The above are extracts from The New York Times and ALJAZEERA on the same issue. You make your own judgement whether to believe the Braking Magpie or The New York Times and ALJAZEERA. I rest my case.  

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