Saturday 12 January 2013

cakap cakap...comment on "Aku Melayu Engkau Siapa Ssein?

medza has left a new comment on your post "Aku Melayu. Engkau siapa ssein?": 

Terguris juga hati ini membaca keluhan "Aku Melayu Engkau siapa ssein?" Sebagai seorang Melayu saya juga telah mendakap kuat perjuangan UMNO 'ori'. Tetapi isu hari ini bukan isu Melayu atau Cina, isunya ialah Perompak, Penipu dan Pencuri yang terdiri dari kalangan apa yang dipanggil 'pemimpin Melayu' dari UMNO BARU yang menciplak dasar asal dan memutarkan kesucian tersebut untuk mengayakan diri kaum kerabat sendiri. RM250 juta untuk pelihara lembu oleh keluarga menteri? RM300 juta untuk wakil menteri? Berbilion lagi RM untuk menyelamatkan anak beranak yang semuanya mempunyai asset beratus juta seorang? Yang menjahanamkan Melayu bukan Cina tetapi golongan pseudo Melayu. Walaubagaimanapun, PAS, PKR juga terdiri dari orang Melayu yang lebih berwibawa yang akan memelihara kepentingan orang Melayu. Apa masalah orang Melayu? Untuk pengetahuan penulis, berjuta orang Melayu sepatutnya sudah menjadi jutawan di negara ini, termasuklah saya sendiri..tetapi kerana tamak haloba keparat-keparat separa Melayu inilah yang akan melingkupkan negara dan orang Melayu jika dibiarkan memerintah lagi. Saudara 'Aku Melayu Engkau siapa ssein' perlu selam lebih mendalam untuk merasai hati orang Melayu sebelum membidas saudara Hussein Steadyaku47 dengan tuduhan meleset. Akupun Melayu juga, kerana itulah aku akan berusaha keras untuk menghancurkan konco-konco UMNO BARU ini. ABU! ABU!! ABU!!! 

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Yeah Sein, such is life.

To the writer, I have this to say :

We are regressing as a country. There are wealth creation but the wealth are being concentrated in only a small percentage of the population. A simple example : In 1982, I remember the commercial banks were paying about RM1,300/mth for a fresh business graduate. Now most banks are paying around RM2,500 for the same qualifications. The difference of RM1,200 works out to be an incremental rate of only 2.2% p.a for the last 30 years on a compounded basis. With official inflation rate of 3.5% p.a, these young graduates are getting poorer by the day in terms of purchasing power. Being a trading nation, our low exchange rates vis-s-vis the currencies of our main trading partners does not help either. This has resulted in skyrocketing cost of living due partly to imported inflation. It may be good for exporters but not to the millions of ordinary citizens. We are trapped. We are trapped in the middle-lower income group! Most are living on debts. Our household debts will hit RM1 trillion very soon. And our dependent on cheap unskilled foreign workers is not helping either. Many of my friends are now contemplating of seeking employment overseas. Some has left. They are all Malays and so do I. It has got nothing to do with patriotism. It is about bread and butter.

Also in the mid 80s, CEOs of GLCs were being paid some RM20-30k per month. Now they are being paid 4-5 times more with generous perks. What do they do? Most of them are running monopoly businesses, hiring and paying exorbitant fees to the consultants to assist them. Yet, the young graduates pay has not even doubled. The income gap (gini-coefficeint) is getting wider day by day. And it is now widest among the Malays. Why is this happening? All these anomalies needs to be addressed first before we can put meaning to 'Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan" Otherwise it is all rhetorics very much like "Bersih, Cekap, Amanah" , "Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan" (ya ke?), "Islam Hadhari", "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang" or even the vague "1 Malaysia". There is no need for further ear catching slogans. Just do it ....with honesty and sincerity for the good of the country and not for the selfish interest of political warlords and crooked businessmen. The patronage and rent seeking culture has to be stopped. Our education standards needs to be improved. Our institutions needs to be strenghthened and be able to act independently without fear or favour. Mediocrity must not be tolerated and needs to be weeded out. Otherwise, there is little hope for this "Tanah tumpah darah ku". But believe me, the current breed of leaders that we have will not be able to do it as they have too many skeletons in their closets and they carry too much baggage as well!

Talking about Singapore or for the matter S. Korea and Taiwan, what is the difference between us and them in the 60s? Not much difference really. In fact we are better than Korea and Taiwan then. Why are they far ahead of us now in terms of income per capita despite not having blessed with oil, gas and ample land? The answer is obvious.
Everybody with an average intelligent and who reads can answer that. 

Just ask this question : Who is running this country since Merdeka? The rot started especially from 1981 onwards by the same government headed by his ancestors that came to Malaya from India in the 19th century.

God blessed Malaysia. 

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