Wednesday 16 January 2013

Rhino attacks tourist in South Africa 


Yahoo!7January 16, 2013, 7:51 am

Chantal Beyer and husband Sven Fouche moments before the attack. Photo: Handout/Beeld

A tourist in South African suffered a collapsed lung and broken ribs after being attacked by a rhino - moments after she stopped for a picture in a nature park.
A picture taken just before the attack shows the rhino close to Chantal Beyer, 24, at the Aloe Ridge Hotel and Nature Reserve.
Local media reports say a wildlife expert urged Ms Beyer and her partner to stand closer to the animals.
Afrikaans-language newspaper the Beeld reported that guide Alex Richter advised them to stand a little closer seconds before the animal gored her from behind.
A huge bull rhino attacked Ms Beyer from behind.
She is in intensive care at a Krugersdorp hospital where she is said to be in stable condition, the Daily Telegraph reported.
Mrs Beyer's uncle and family spokesman Thom Peeters told the Beeld: "There were quite a few young people on the vehicle and they probably felt they could trust Richter, who was an adult."


  1. 1 to 2% of the population everywhere are sociopaths. They may be parents, supervisors, priests or politicians.

  2. These people insist on trophy photos, posing next to tigers (in Indonesia and Malaysia), lions (in South Africa), crocodiles, etc. They are part of that segment of humanity that believes nature exists to be exploited and dominated by humans - because their religion say so.