Wednesday 16 January 2013

Umno - a herd of hoodlums and hecklers by Martin Jalleh

Umno has drastically “changed” into a haven of
Hired thugs, ruffians, rowdies and rogues,
Hoodlums, hell-bent on creating havoc,
Hecklers, harassers, haranguers, hustlers, and
Herds of goons, goblins and gangsters!

The Umnoputras have become increasingly
Haughty and superior low-life creatures,
Hardcore pornography producers and purveyors,
Hoaxsters, hackers and haters and
Head honchos of ugly, gutter politics!

After 66 years, Umno can proudly boast of
Hypocritical leaders who hoodwink their own race,
Humbug ministers with endless hype on reform,
Hedonistic elites, corrupt, rotten to the core and
Half-past-six ministers with hollow promises!

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