Monday 21 January 2013

This Tree of Corruption will die if UMNO stopped watering it! And this UMNO will not do because the death of that tree will also be its own death.

Half a century after Merdeka we are Nation without a soul. We are now a Nation much loved by its people but yet posses within itself people with not much love for each other.
There is despair for we know that we all await the time when all that matters to us – race, religion, our livelihood, the education of our young and our increasingly uncertain future – would all unravelled and caused us to fall deeper into the abyss which awaits the fate of any Nation that fails itself. Fail to understand that any Nation and its people will have weaknesses and vulnerabilities as well as strength and character that it must draw upon if it is not to fall  into that abyss. 
Our strength has been and will always be our people.
Wee are a young nation. The British brought us to gather in numbers that we could not ignore. We had our first baptism of fire during the Japanese occupation and then the Communist insurgency. Then our coming together at Merdeka, the years of government under TUNKU for which we have much to be grateful for, the May 13th Incident and since then our people have been put through many trials and tribulations,
I wish I could honestly say that those trials and tribulations had brought us closer and bond us more cohesively as one people, woven the fabric of our society more intimately and made us into one indivisible Nation. It had not!
For various reasons, mostly political, we have effectively now become a Nation of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans and others more than Malaysian!
We are now more divided as Muslims, Christians and Hindus more than we were before.
As a people we are anything but united in our loyalty to each other, to our leaders and of course, to our Government and our Negara. The loyalty we pledge to our King is insulting to our King because he knows he is powerless against a government that has been the cause of our troubles.
And what are the troubles we face?
Without any doubt corruption is the root of all the evils found within our Nation. Almost everything that is wrong in this Nation has its beginning from this tree of corruption.
It begins as the root of that tree starts life in the soil beneath us. Silently and hidden from our gaze it spread its tentacles to take hold in the soil in its search for nourishment. Like the fibrous roots of the Willow tree this root of corruption travels vast lateral and vertical distance – more in spread than in depth – aggressively in search for water sources – penetrating all that comes before it and destroying the root of other trees.
And yet it is easily the most beautiful and graceful of trees by any river banks.
And so it is with this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government. What is hidden within itself is more insidious and threatening to us all than what we can see of UMNO!  
For the past five decades and five years UMNO can point to us its numerous superficial achievements: Putrajaya, The  Petronas Twin Towers, KLIA, KLCC, the numerous Infrastructures projects that links the North with the South and the East with the West, Education systems whose success are measured by astounding examination results, Universities of questionable reputes, Malaysian astronauts in space, a seemingly powerful and all intrusive Police Force, Malays who have become billionaires and a strong stable and all powerful Federal government that until only recently, had totally dominated the affairs of our Nation in Parliament and everywhere else that matters . 
And yet all these achievements, without exception, are the fruits borne by this tree of corruption. All of these achievements are tainted. If success is to be measured by what it had costs our Nation and our people in terms of opportunities lost, national wealth expanded and benefits it had bought for the people in achieving these successes than I can only say this. The Barisan Nasional government that has presided over all these achievements and who claims to be the architect of what our country has now become is today facing the real possibility of electoral defeat at the 13th general elections.
It had already lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament, lost five states to the opposition and lost political credibility in the eyes of enough Malaysian to make it beg these same Malaysians for another term in office.
And yet even as UMNO knows that all these changes cannot be reversed UMNO still clings to the belief that they know us better than we know ourselves! They think that they will decide our sorry future and they continue to ignore the endurance of our people to be able to face up to the havoc they have wrecked upon our politic, our people, our nation and our future!
This Tree of Corruption will die if UMNO stopped watering it!
And this UMNO will not do because the death of that tree will also meant its own death. This is the dilemma that we are now in for the Malays and for all of us that calls Malaysia our home.
For me personally it means that I cannot go home without the worry of being a ‘person of interest’ to the special Branch. The same Special Branch that my late Father was once head of while he was serving in Penang. There will be many of you that will tell me that if I write what I do in my blog than I should be brave enough to face whatever comes my way in KL. My answer is this. I am 65, I am comfortable here in Oz and I live a better life here than if I were now to be in KL. Do you think I would give all this up to go back to KL just to show this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government that I am man enough to take whatever they throw my way? Huh kiss my ass! And I am angry that this is so for me!
You should all get angry too!
We know that what is happening in our Nation today is proof positive that something different in scope and kind is ebbing its way across our people and our Nation. We know because the level of contact and communications amongst us, inconceivable during the time of our parents, are now taken for granted.
On Saturday I received an email from a dear friend who shared with me her difficulty and the futility of trying make Nurrul and Anwar understand what needs to be done to reinforce our (and I say ‘our’ because we are all together in Pakatan Rakyat!) our ability to meet the challenges that UMNO throws at us on a daily basis.   
I put her letter on to my blog with some of my own comments and by Sunday evening my stats tells me that I have had 450 page clicks on that posting. That is 450 of our friends now share our concern on this matter. Some will agree and some will not – but we are informed and we are aware of what is happening.
This is but one issue. All the time, all over Malaysia, amongst all our friends, across race, religion and gender divides these ‘conversations’ goes on unabated. If anything is to make or break Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat it is this ability for all of us to communicate our likes or dislikes, our support or opposition for what they do or do not do! And they ignore this phenomena at their peril.
So all is not lost even if UMNNO will not stop watering the tree of corruption! All is not lost if Pakatan Rakyat does not yet hear what you say of them when you do so in the company of friends. If the use and misuse of power by BN bothers you – put your thoughts on the Net. If you think Pakatan Rakyat preoccupation is only to rule and not to govern wisely go say that in your blog too. Both BN and Pakatan Rakyat will hear your voices – if not now then in a little while, and they will understand that our voices are to be heard and to be headed.
And now onwards to PUTRAJAYA!

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