Wednesday 23 January 2013

Abuse of Religion & Race - By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Abuse of Religion & Race - 
By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain
I am utterly dismayed that Islam, such a Great Religion, is being constantly ridiculed, not only by Non Muslims, but even by our younger generation of Malays. We keep on saying that we will protect the Good name of Islam with our lives, but we fail to see that our radical approach has smeared the good name of our Religion.. Nowadays, Muslim does not even try to hold a topic over religion with our Non Muslim counterparts. We really have no rational answers as to why our Religion is so hypocritically abused by some half baked Malays. 
Perkasa wants to have the Syariah laws amended to disallow Non Muslims to enter Mosques and Suraus. They also want the MCA president and the DAP assemblywoman to be placed under ISA for desecrating Islam. In fact they want every Tom, Dick and Harry to go in. The video on Surau AL Falah is an eye opener to the amount of desecration tolerated. Sack the Surau committee and place them all, including the rest of the participants under ISA. Another picture apparently doctored, should be allowed the benefit of the doubt.
They should place their members at the National Mosque and Shah Alam Mosque to turn away the tourists. Dont just talk, start the action now. Forbid non Muslims to gaze at the mosque, just like we forbade them to utter GOD’s name. And why stop there? Mosques and Suraus must be built with the sweat of Muslims and not with the sweat of foreign kafirs. At the same time put a 50 meter perimeter, around the mosques, so no non Muslims can get near the mosque. Anyone entering or leaving the mosque must show their identity cards to identify themselves as Muslims.
Perkasa should also call for Shops and Restaurants to close during the month of Ramadan, and open at the Break of Fast. Muslims are still not strong enough to withstand hunger and will be tempted, if they see the sight of food, according to Perkasa.
Perkasa should also call for all Pubs and Alcohol and Cigarettes to be banned as it harmful to our bodies and therefore considered Haram. Ban non-Muslims from the homes of Muslims as well. While at it, All Muslims should be separated from non Muslims at the workplace, as Kafirs cannot work together with the righteous. Even better, segregate all the communities, kampongs and towns so that Muslims cannot stay together with the nons. Ban the community from celebrating our festivals together
Kick out Astro cable TV as we have too many channels of shit to choose from.  Go back to TV1, TV2 and TV3.  Ban the internet, as it is a western tool to confuse the Muslims.  Ban the cinema and all forms of Western entertainment like in Iran . Ban women altogether from public life.  Ban women from driving.  Ban cell phones, ban cosmetics as we are not going to see their faces anyway.  Ban women from sitting in cars and motorbikes due to close proximity.  In fact just ban cars and reintroduce horses and camels.  Better for the environment anyway.
We Malays love our Non Muslim brothers and sisters.  Your presence in this country is a blessing.  We feel sorry for making you feel sidelined.  Somehow, some of our leaders think we should not mix.  They think if we mix, we would be wrongly influenced to vote for the wrong party. 
We are supposed to be weak morally and religiously, easily influenced by the devil, our spines are still weak, and we need constant assistance, which only our government can give us. They always say, please be patient, and wait for the scraps to fall from the table. Sometimes, when the wind blows, the scraps do fall. They keep reassuring us to be satisfied with our meagre incomes, and to be happy with one meal a day. They say when you go to heaven, there will be a big feast. They tell us to protect Islam, these same leaders who are overweight and bulging. And after all these years, I still do not see the invisible enemy out there trying to destroy Islam and our way of life. As if I really have a life worth living!
Perkasa must have been fighting very hard alone in the last half century to keep the enemy at bay.
Lastly, the disparity with the Malays seem so huge from billionaires to abject poverty. This is such a big contrast between the non Malays that seem to have a majority of middle income earners. I scream at the thought of our younger Malay generation, so ill equipped to face the world, so inadequate to accept the simple challenges of employment in the private sector, and so stubborn not to accept that we are now in the 21st century.
The Non Malays seem so at home, with their conventional attitude and command of language, and most of them are bi and trilingual. Is that why Perkasa seems so adamant at protecting us from sinking further ?  Even their leaders seem to fall into this category.
So if our leaders feel that, in order for this country to progress, we must keep protecting our Racial and Religious Rights, we should in fact then ban everything and call it a day. Better go to heaven today as saints before it is too late, don’t make a U turn and don’t pay RM200. If we continue to stay on this earth and commit more sins unconsciously, we may lose our Right to enter heaven. Simply too many Satans around, for us weak sinners are easily tempted. 
With PERKASA’s ideology, we don’t really need 1Malaysia and we don’t really need to exist.  It is really up to us now to make the ultimate decision.  Either we go or our leaders must go.
Perkasa, Mamak Mahathir ( The pseudo Malay ) and UMNO, you are the cause of the failure of the Malay race.  You threatened your own race by belittling them. Gave rotten education that retard their thinking ability so that you can control them and manipulate them, for your own self interest.  The other races in Malaysia are no threat to the Malays. The REAL threat are the Mamaks.
So please : All Hail the Chosen One !
May we have peace in Malaysia for all Malaysians.


  1. Salam Bro.

    Normally I'd never give a damn about this organisation or on any of their calls. They are nothing but a bunch of opportunist trying to create some influence for themselves. It is only natural for the non-Malays to despise them, but at the same time, a great number of Malays don't give a hoot about them. Lately, they are becoming more arrogant and seems to challenge every law in this country and appears to be above the law here. But when they start abusing other religions in the guise of the so-called protector of Islam we need to be very clear that they got nothing to do with Islam but are actually active promoters of the Taliban/Arab religion. Islam and the Taliban/Arab religion have nothing in common.ISLAM is PEACEFULNESS while the Taliban/Arab religion is the DESTROYER on Earth. Just look around us and we can see clearly their hypocrisies in disguise. True Islamist will rise and protect the truth, and ONLY the Qur'an is our guide and Muhammad HIS Messenger, and nothing else matters. So, toall my fellow Malaysians irrespective of race or religion, our appeal to you, just disregard this Perkasa outfit, we the true Islamist are all behind you. ABU! ABU!! ABU!!!

  2. Fully agree with Capt. (Rtd.) Iskandar that the current government has retarded the growth of the majority and marginalize the Malays in this country by espousing the highly dubious concept of "Ketuanan Melayu" and by giving them a rotten education that not only made them monolingual but retard their thinking ability!

  3. Why not have 2 types of Ringgit notes and coins. One for Muslims and another for non-muslims. After all, the Bak-kut teh seller may have at some point in time touched the money ....

  4. Perkasa is above the law. Backed by a mamak, they can shout and speak any shits that may cause disharmony but rest assured, no action will be taken against them. The law in Bolehland is a lop-sided one. One can instigate the people to burn the bibles with our good AG saying it was OK. Can he and the Home Minister and the police do the same if I were to instigate openly to the people to burn the Koran? All these idiots are hypocrites and should be kicked out come this GE.

  5. Dear Capt.,
    You are absolutely right when you said he humiliated and belittle the Malays. I firmly believe, if Malays mix with nons from primary school, they will overall fare better, in the sense that they also gain the competitive spirit. But the system has been designed to segregate them fr young, via religion and of course, throw in a few of these racists teachers, gone case. For Malays to get ahead, they must be given exposure, learn English, and why not? Why must anyone feel threatened that they have to master this language? Brainwashing. You can brainwash people by lighting up their patriotic fire, divide them by creating a bogeyman so they will forever hate the bogeyman, in this case, the chinese are the ones most hated. Let me tell you something abt us chinese, we are brought up to believe no one owes us a living. So we have to fight our way to survive. With this in mind, we hv no choice, do the necessary to survive. In a way, bn gomen did them chinese a favour. Since they don't get mollycoddled, they hv learn to try to be independent. The only way out for anyone regardless of race, is a good, sound, all-round education. You see what I mean. Education is so important, to teach the young to think, to rationalize. To destroy the younger generation, control their education.