Sunday 20 January 2013

cakap cakap...The CHOICE

This morning, Sunday, for the first time, I came across “The CHOICE” as I surf the NET. I was intrigue by what the Editor had to say about his publication:
In our country the battle of ideas is far from over – in fact, it has just begun. The decisions we take now will determine what Malaysia achieves in the 21st century. It’s all about people just like you taking action based on your beliefs, your aspirations and your values. Making key choices comes from well argued debate and that’s where we can help.
The Choice has been created by a group of concerned writers united by a single vision: To build a dynamic news site that is beholden to no-one. After that, it is up to you because every Malaysian has to choose. 
I was intrigue because it talked about our beliefs, our aspirations and our values and that most important of declaration “BEHOLDEN TO NO ONE!” – what courage I thought! And so I started to read what they have posted on their site.
What amazes me is that this publication (if you can call it that) makes no attempt at asking us about our beliefs, our aspirations and our values. None at all! CHOICE is unashamedly pro Barisan Nasional, pro Najib and very much against anything remotely connected to Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim, PAS, DAP,PKR...…anything to do with the opposition they simply hantam. How is this for their Top Stories:


But here is the thing…..What do these Idiots take the Malaysian public for? If you do this in Australia and claim yourself to be BEHOLDEN to no one you will be laughed at by the Public and the Main Stream Media will tear you up into little pieces and bury you forever. 
But not in Malaysia!   
How long has this “CHOICE” been in business? How long will it last? If it has to generate it own income and post a reasonable profit or at least cover it own costs – it will probably last a few  months. If someone is bankrolling it – then it will be as long as the money last!
I do not know these things because this is the first time I have come across this site/blog/publication that is beholden to no one! And you can be sure that I will only go back to this site when I need a good laugh on another Sunday morning far from today. ABU!

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