Saturday 12 January 2013

You Najib Fuckers...panggil bodoh engkau orang marah...but please lah nak tipu pakai otak sikit!

The Himpunan Kenbangkitan Rakyat is just over a few hours ago and already the Cyber Troopers are going troppo. They are disputing the number of Rakyat who attended the gathering and as proof of it all they posted pictures to proof their facts! They tell us images do not lie.

They posted a picture of Merdeka Stadium half full saying that the crowd numbered probably, at most 30,000.It is the second picture below.

Here is how stupid these idiots are. The picture they posted shows the Stadium less than half full. Agree! But it was taken hours after the gathering when the majority of the crowd has gone home peacefully  as requested by the organizers.

Look at the three photo below. 

The top one is of the gathering at its height. The Staduim is overflowing with our people.

The middle picture with the stadium half full is the one taken after most of the crowd has gone home and this idiot tells us that it was the true record of how big the crowd was. 

And the last picture is one when everybody has gone home!

I am waiting for one of those idiots to post the third picture (of an empty Merdeka Stadium!) and tell us all that nobody turned out for the gathering. 

Bro fair is fair lah. We are not stupid idiots. Alahai you orang mesti marah kalau kita panggil kau orang bodoh! But please lah....pakai otak sikit when you are trying too pull the wool over our eyes. 


 Bro go Fuck yourself!

steadyaku47 apology:
Maaf to my regulars for the swearing....but I just get really, really, really mad when they take us for idiots!


  1. Hey bro, thanks for the picture of the homos.
    If one were to look deeply into the pic, its a wonderful photoshop job to cover the faces of the 4 actors.
    The one on all fours is identified as rocky being shacked by bigdog who in turn is shacked by outsyedthehole and top dog is papagomo.
    These cyberprostitutes are spinhomos.
    Wonder what their wives think of them?

  2. These idiots only look at money coming into their pockets by writing shits for their pay masters. Do they really care how our beloved country is being managed by a corrupt regime? Do they care about the future of our and their children? They will close their eyes on mega corruptions committed by VVIP or UMNO. To them, money is more important even to the point of helping a corrupt regime to destroy our beloved country. Yes, only idiots will do that.

  3. Hi Anon 1-2 of 2

    Rocky is still OK even though he writes shits at times. At one time he was one blogger I respected most but since he got his datukship he made a 90 degree U turn. Money talks and can turn over a person. I still admire him for allowing all comments at his blog with no deletion. The other three you mentioned are true idiots with zero integrity. I never visit their blogs now as reading their shits will make you boil.

  4. Don't blame the fucker. He is blind and is paid to spin. Apart from writing shits there's noting else he can do. If UMNO dies, he'll die too.

  5. The CyberProstitute have to prove to the paying master that they are doing the job, instead of bluffing the Rakyats, they have bluff the paying master instead.

    The master maybe does not know that the rakyat can double check the news from various sites just by clicking the mouse.

    Ha ha ha .... Just wonder who is the real idiot. The paying idiot, the writing cyber idiot or the layman. Ha ha ha ha.....

  6. Bodoh punya UMNO-BN.
    We are coming for you BN crooks come GE13.12 omicavr

  7. Buat malu anak cucu Dr Latiff .............!!!!!! We were never taught this way.

  8. The middle picture in fact,showed participants queuing orderly to enter Stadium Merdeka even after the the stands were full and pitch half- filled. Picture taken before the rally had started officially. They were entering, not exiting the stadium. I stand corrected. TQ

  9. I was there, and can confirm the picture not photoshop! The stadium full seating capacity is 30k to 40k, so with the padang filled 70%, plus many people standing inside the stadium btw the gate and the terraces, I would say inside the stadium easily could have 50k or more.. Whatever the number, it is ALOT!!

  10. To all of you I must apologize for the use of those 'swear' words....banyak panas hati lah! ABU and onwards to Putrajaya

  11. Dear Hussein,
    Don't need to apologize lah. they deserved those words. You are already too kind for not calling them "bastards". The brainless idiot thought his is the only blog that people will visit and can be so stupid to display those pics thinking that we are stupid like him to believe what were shown. Having stupid Cyber Troopers like this one is not only a disgrace but wastage of money to their pay masters.

  12. Bro Hussein, thank you for caring enough to expose this particular new turncoat, though you are far away. Let us hope for a new dawn for our beloved country.