Sunday 27 January 2013

Paradise on earth...NOW!

 Town of Semporna group of kids paddling like wandering in the sky.
Chongqing, China. Tranquil beauty. Wulong County Lucky Dragon Inn, "Curse of the Golden Flower" film.

Pei Lajie Islands (Pelagie Islands) is located in the central Mediterranean seawater. Transparent like a ship floating in the blue sky.

Chinese Xinjiang  -  beautiful.

Romania unique waterfall

Melbourne · hot air balloon - Melbourne, Australia. 

Night in Paris. Paris beauty comes from its history preserved.

Ji Lange fjord. 

Santorini night hazy.

The Maldives will last another 100 years. The countdown has begun before glacier melt will make it disappear!

Sky Mirror - Bolivia's Uyuni salt marsh - a paradise - especially after the rain. The lake is like a mirror, reflecting the sky.

Carpet prairie Xinjiang.

Natural pool.Gadin swim   

Norway: the appearance of the world depends on you to look into its eyes.

The Greek Aegean iceberg ‘

Feeling Mother Nature.


Chile's glaciers 

Toyama, Japan seaside fluorescent squid (Watasenia scintillans) The squid is usually 7 cm long with light-emitting at the end of its tentacles.

French Polynesia The Raiatea Beach.

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