Wednesday 16 January 2013


Cops told to explain injuries of custodial death

The family of Chang Chin Te has suspected foul play in his death while in police custody yesterday.

According to family members, Chang's body exhibited suspicious wounds and swellings.

NONEAt a press conference today, Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu said Chin Te's wife was informed of his death at noon yesterday, and rushed to see the body.

"She asked the police on the cause of death, but the police personnel did not reply.

"At the hospital, she saw he was bleeding from the nose and ear. His face was swollen and his chest was injured," said Liu.

Liu said Chin Te's wife took a few photographs of the injuries, but the police compelled her to erase them.

Unknown to the police, she managed to ensure that one photograph of the injuries to Chin Te's face was not erased.

Father: Charge him, don't beat him

Reading from Chin Te's death certificate, Liu said the deceased was last seen at the USJ8 police station.

"Cause of death is being investigated," said Liu, while reading from the document.

Chin Te's body is currently at the Sungai Buloh general hospital where a second autopsy is taking place. The first autopsy was conducted at the Universiti Malaya medical centre.

NONEThe deceased is 30 years of age and has four children. He worked as a mechanic and is the son of Kampung Baru Subang village chief Chang Chan Man (left).

Chan Man told reporters that he cannot accept that his son died under such circumstances.

"If the police have proof of his guilt, charge him in court and send him to jail. Don't beat him to death.

"I hope the police officials will investigate this in detail and bring us justice," he said.



  1. Once again, these licensed thugs has ended up killing someone under their custody. So many deaths but so far I think none of them were being charged with murder. The fucking system that we have in Bolehland is, government institutions like MACC, police, etc. can do what they like, even committing crimes and murders but so far no serious action has been taken to contain the problem. I hope the IGP understand that he is there to serve the public, not to protect his boys.

  2. For God's sake, please stop this wanton killing. Can Hishamudin not see the injustices of our polce forces? Say somehing.

  3. Hishamudin is good in covering wrongdoings of those idiots. Remember, he was there to side those cow-head bastards in Selangor and did you ever hear him reprimanding the police regarding death in custody? I think he is the worse home minister of all times and with a pea brain like his, only in Bolehland we can have such a person as Home Minister.

  4. The mother should get help to "undelete" the photos.