Saturday 12 January 2013

HIMPUNAN KEBANGKITAN RAKYAT: “Kita mintak lesen teksi dia kasi empat tire!”…vintage Anwar at his best!

(With thanks to : Kwong Yit Jit Poh)

In the historic Merdeka Stadium that Tunku declared MERDEKA fifty-six years ago, the people today gathered to declare their Merdeka from this UMNO led Barisan Nasional regime!
Our beloved Tunku had an audience of 20,000 in 1957. Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat had an audience of 100,000 but Tunku would have shed tears of happiness and joy if he were to see that Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans and Kadazans and all of our people were there together in solidarity for change.
The field of golden yellow, vibrant green, red, blue, white and all of nature imaginable colours that gathered at Merdeka Stadium were there to chant “TUMBANG BN” and declared their promise of ‘SATU MALAYSIA’ not ‘SAPU MALAYSIA!’ 
Pakatan Rakyat had to pay RM$100,000 for that privilege…but hell …that is only RM$1 per participant. Please donate what amount you can to help Pakatan Rakyat cover their expense.
Guan Eng with Kit Siang in the background sitting quietly but completely focussed on the proceedings, was in full flight.
He began tongue in cheek, by apologising because things were a bit boring when no one was being hantam and legs are not being broken!  
“Ini bukan satu impian. Malaysia baru di tangan kita semua!” 
Who would disagree with him?
“Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan dan Iban…kita jaga satu sama lain!”
“Kita mahu kerajaan berjiwa rakyat”……we do not have nor does Pakatan Rakyat want any leader with an Australian PR!
And he took to task Chinese political leaders who have abused the trust placed upon them by their own electorates. ….’jangan cakap Melay marah…..Cina pon marah!”.
Karpal, as always, properly attired in his suit sat regally in the line up – the nearest that Pakatan Rakyat had to Royalty. I cannot help thinking that Karpal will make a fine Governor for Penang!
After Guan Eng came Hadi. He tripped the light fantastic a bit when he veered just a tad too much towards PAS and Islam. He did say that Melayu wajib berkuasa but that Melayu cannot be UMNO…but soon he was on song!
UMNO wajah rasuah…wajah penipu!
He reminded everyone that Kit Siang stood against UMNO and with PAS when Barisan Nasional declared an emergency in Kelantan in 1977. All six DAP members opposed the motion proposing the emergency bill in parliament.
He reminded us that PAS abolished road tolls in Trengganu when there were the state government. They made legal the land title of illegal squatters. In short Hadi told us cakap serupa bikin for PAS!
He reminded us too of the give and take spirit within Pakatan Rakyat and none demonstrated this more when it was agreed that PAS, the coalition member with the smallest amount of seats then, was given the seat of MB in Perak with DAP agreement! That, said Hadi, was the spirit that they will take to the 13th general election, and then to Putrajaya. Hadi ended with this battle cry!
Ubah sekarang1
Ubah sekarang!
Ubah sekarang!
 And then it was DSAI who took the floor. “Saya tabik dan salute….” DSAI began by giving respect to those who were there with Pakatan Rakyat and as Anwar is wont to do he plunged right in and told us why the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government time to go has come. Rompakan,rasuah, penderitaan Rakyat …kuborkan rasuah dan kezaliman!
“Kita mintak lesen teksi dia kasi empat tire!”…vintage Anwar at his best!
And then linking Tunku to it all Anwar led the audience with MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! – Six times and ended his rally call to the faithful.
Saifuddin Nasution then read the 10-point Declaration of Demands.
·     Free and fair elections.
·     The administration of Felda to be reviewed.
·     All Malaysians including those from Sabah and Sarawak to be given equal treatment.
·     Demand that all oil-producing states are given 20% of the oil royalty.
·     All government servants to be professional in the administration of the country,
·     The government to provide a healthy living environment to all Malaysians.
·     The government to preserve Bahasa Malaysia while the usage of English should be upgraded.
·     The government should provide free education for all Malaysians.
·     All political prisoners freed.
·     The government to preserve our tradition, culture and heritage.

Tok Guru arrived while DSAI was talking. Now Tok Guru was called upon to read the Doa to close the Himpunan Kenbangkitan Rakyat.
The Negara Ku ws sung by all and was followed by three rousing call for REFORMASI, REFORMASI, REFORMASI!
Segala terbaik….jumpa lagi di Putrajaya!


  1. 60 per cent of the participants today were Malays which was a good indication that Malay support for PR is good. Hope the road to Putrajaya will be made easier with their support.

  2. This very sight - THIS PHOTO - is precisecely the nightmare that the regime wanted to suppress all this while - irrefutable proof of the great lie. The common, exploited, tyrannised people are telling their masters "Up yours!" despite all the laws, prohibitions, censorship, propaganda, incitement, fear- and hate-mongering, bribery, baton charges, teargas, arrests, prosecutions, fines, jail terms, and torture of legislators through interrogation and solitary confinement.

    Dear Malaysians, if Chinese (in suposedly dicatorial China), Americans (in supposedly democatic USA), Nepalese, Koreans, Philippinos, Thais, Indonesians and many others can drive out the thugs, so can you.