Wednesday 2 October 2013

cakap cakap...Malaysia belongs to the Malays/UMNO?

Anybody who tells you that Malaysia does not belong to the Malays is delusional. Okay lah…to be more precise it belongs to UMNO.
Is this to say that there is no freedom of choice in Malaysia? That Democracy does not exists? That the people do not get to elect the government they want? Yes to all of the above and more!
This is what a lot of Malays and UMNO think – and the Malays make up over 60 percent of the population! The Chinese were from China. The Indian are from India. The Indons, the Filipino, the Neplaese and the others are from where they come from.
Sabah and Sarawak is a foreign country. We (West Malaysians lah!) still need to bring our IC and fill in immigration forms to enter Sabah and Sarawak – same as when I go to Singapore. I do not need my IC when I go to Kelantan, Penang, Selangor….anywhere in semananjung…so to me Sabah and Sarawak is a foreign country!
Some others are from parts unknown or refuse to acknowledge their ancestors (like some from kerala ma!) but to all of them UMNO now says – “Go back to where you come from!”…except for that guy from Kerala!
UMNO can say that because they are in charge of the Army, the Police and the Government and everything else that matters in Malaysia. And if you say that the Judiciary does matter than I say UMNO controls that too!
So what are you to do if you are not a Malay – or worse if you are a Malay who does not subscribe to what UMNO and most Malays want to do in keeping Malaysia for the Malays?
There are a few options. The most obvious is leave for another country that will welcome you  – Australia, UK or the United States. (please note that Kerala is not a country but you can still go live there is they accept you!). I am Malay and I did do just that over thirty years ago. No second thoughts, no regrets -  just recurring nightmares involving nasi dagang and char kueh teow every now and then.     
You can stay in Malaysia and join PKR, DAP or PAS…the opposition Pakatan Rakyat lah! After joining them you can either sit quietly and hope for the never never: that Pakatan Rakyat will one day form government or become a political activists and work actively (that’s what activists do ma!) towards the future when you hope that PR will form government. Both of these possibilities will not get UMNO out of government as the last general election have confirmed that even when you have the numbers, regime change is not on the agenda. You may argue that there are states under the control of Pakatan Rakayat and you can choose to live in any of them free from any UMNO’s control. If you think so then I say again that you are being delusional. Living in Selangor, Penang or Kelantan does not beat living in the UK, Australia or anywhere else in the free world. And if you think these states are free from corruption and arrogant politicians think again! There are everywhere!
So when will UMNO have their way with Malaysia in the same way as they did about a decade ago? Soon my friends…very soon! Leave Malaysia while you can, if not plan to leave as soon as you can. For those of you who think that Malaysia is their tanah tumpahnya darah ku……think again! My grandchildren are in Canada….already Canada is home to them and the few Malay words they still use are Tok (when we skype), mandi, makan…and not much else. What do you think their children will remember of Malaysia? Zilch!    
UMNO intends to make Malaysia UMNO’s. All that you see around you  - Parliament, a dysfunctional opposition that functions at UMNO’s pleasure, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of our people prepared to brave physical assaults from PDRM to demonstrate against UMNO’s intent to make Malaysia in their image – all this and more are allowed because it serves UMNO well to have Malaysians and the world think that UMNO is for open government and democracy. When UMNO tires of these charades then UMNO will move to ‘manage’ these irritants.
Is there enough of these ‘irritants’ to bother UMNO? Enough to make a difference to the way things are? Enough to make UMNO change? The simple answer is “NO!”. In time the critical mass of our population will accept whatever UMNO does in the name of “Ketunan Melayu” and 1Malaysia (UMNO’s version!)…and why not? Malaysia will once again belong to the Malays/UMNO.
Me?...I got on my bicycle and left Malaysia thirty years ago!

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  1. Agreed, you have only one life; it's here and there is no second chance.
    If there is an opportunity to leave this your so called "beloved country", just do it. And if you don't see the writing on the wall after 55 years then what can I say.... And they can't stomach one dead Chinese Chin Peng ? Imagine that.