Thursday 24 October 2013

cakap cakap....Noh Omar: Do you support homosexuality?

Noh Omar: Do you support homosexuality?

Noh Omar has got a face only a mother could love…..but God always compensates those who are thus handicapped with other 'gifts' he could pull out of his bag's of 'gifts'.  But it would seems that in Noh Omar he has made an exception. His intellect is sadly similarly handicapped. He does not seem to understand that homosexuality, like stupid politicians, are all God’s creations. Homosexuality like the actions of your Raba Raba Minister and that ex-CJ  ex UMNO disciplinary committee member who took on another spouse without the consent of his first spouse are all manifestation of God’s work on earth. Not always to our liking and not always within the ability of us human to control. However while the action of that Raba Raba Minister and that randy ex CJ harm others physically and mentally, what consenting homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom, does not.

If you were to ask how I personally feel about homosexuality and its ilk I would say that any of the following words describes my feeling adequately:

but…and it is a very big BUT…I accept the right of consenting adults to do what they must in the privacy of their bedrooms. No my dear Noh I am not being a hypocrite to myself. Over here in Oz we call it being respectful and understanding of the reality  that we are all different in our needs and our wants.

So what if the law of the land criminalize such acts? Then I say that the law of the land is an ASS!

As for Noh’s question about whether Baya Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin would like it if a man had sex with another man….go back to the first line of this article ; Noh Omar has got a face only a mother could love…I doubt if there could ever be another man who would want to have sex with you – so you will never find out on your own! Enough said! 

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  1. Ha ha ha... Hope this Noh guy will be reading this. He and another comedian, Bung Mokhtar, are more suitable for the circus. Both are well known in parliament not for their smartness but more for their nonsense.