Tuesday 29 October 2013

cakap cakap....Broery, family, auctions and life.

Early morning in Melbourne...crisp morning air wife still asleep....just past 7 a.m.....and listening to Broery sing Setulus Cintamu over and over again...this is life as I want it to be. 

Its Tuesday today and Haris told me last week that he will be in Melbourne sometime today....that's something to look forward to. I have not met Haris before but when I heard that he was coming to Melbourne I told him that we must meet because I want to tell him to his face that the work he is doing must not falter. Since I became aware of his work I have waited for a time when he will falter....when he will slow down and possibly stop working for change because it asks too much of him....a thankless, financially debilitating effort that will tax all but the most focused of men. He has not falter! It will be good to meet with him.

Life with me is good. Nothing that I want and I have all that I need...except of course the physical closeness of my daughter and her family...all in Canada. But they are all happy there and I and my wife can only be happy that they are happy. Zack my son keeps us company in Melbourne and his presence warms our heart.

I miss my parents. I do not think of them as often as I want to but when I do it tugs at my heart strings and my eyes are moist with long gone memories and thoughts of the good and happy times with them. No regrets ...just thoughts of what good parents they were. I wish the same for myself.....I try but only my children know if I am what I want to be to them.

My wife is happy. I am going to make a real effort to go on our daily walks as often as I can. We walk hand in hand very very slowly around the neighborhood stopping whenever she gets a bit tired. And now we have coffee at the end of that walk...well she has a cappuccino and I keep her company. I enjoy coffee at home, not at a cafe. She normally does not finish her cappuccino but it is sitting by the roadside cafe watching life going by that we enjoy - what we pay for that unfinished cappuccino is worth the time it gives for us to enjoy each others company.

It's now 7.35 a.m. I have an auction to go to at 8.30 this morning so I must get ready. Nothing that I want to get at the auction...just enjoying the auction and see if there are any bargains to get.....and the rest of the day will be spent enjoying is good.      

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