Monday 28 October 2013

cakap cakap...the young Chinese in Penang are an ungrateful lot! Betul ka ni Najib?

Najib Tun Razak (the guy in white with white cap)
 steering the good ship S.S UMNO into oblivion!  

“Ironically, Penang is an obstacle because of the successes of BN. Why I say that? It is because we contributed to not only to the economic but intellectual and values development of the younger generation. Politics of development can no longer be the main thrust. To put it simple, we have become the victim of our own success.(sic)”                                                          Najib Tun Razak.

Najib opines that Penang was lost to Pakatan Rakyat because BN has been too successful in its effort to develop the economic and intellectual values of the younger generation there.

What an ungrateful lot these young Chinese people in Penang are! I have lived in Penang and I know what the demographics there are like. No racialist sentiments intended and I hope none taken. How do these enlighten young Chinese and the economically advantaged people of Penang say thank you to Barisan Nasional for doing all that good to them? They voted DAP into government! This proves once and for all what UMNO and Perkasa has been saying all this while - the Chinese people cannot be trusted.

Lucky for UMNO they have kept the young Malays in Johore, Trengganu, Perak, Perlis, Pahang, Negri Sembilan and Malacca intellectually deficient. And to be on the safe side  Barisan Nasional have kept the economy of these Barisan Nasional states (for lack of a better word) – artificially stagnant. Just imagine what would have happened if the young people in these state had been enlighten and the people economically advantaged: BN will surely have lost these states to the opposition in the last election!

Now we know what UMNO‘s strategy is in the states that they control! Keep the young Malays stupid. Keep the states under Barisan Nasional economically disadvantaged! 

Can Najib (he is the Barisan Nasional leader) please read this:

Bumi dipijak, langit dijunjung,
Mari berfikir di luar tempurung!

Let us all go down a notch intellectually – down to Najib’s level. For those in the dark about the whereabouts of Najib’s intellectual disability (yes you read it right there…not his ability but his intellectual disability!) If you go look up what “intellectually impaired” means you will have an idea of where it is located – just South of the border…down Mexico way!

This Prime Minister of ours is the basic Nasi Lemak fare (nasi, sambal ikan bilis) without the sambal and ikan Bilis. You can only find the rice and the “kachang” that normally goes with the fried ikan bilis when you open the bungkus. Or as the Chinese would say - the char kuey teow without the prawns, the kerang or the taugeh.

And just when I swear that Najib cannot go any intellectually  lower than the level where he is presently at now, he dazzles me with his ability to make me into a liar!

Najib is heroic! Please note that in politics any idiot that has got the stupidity to say anything that will lose  him votes on the off chance that there are more people who will agree with him and give him their votes, is said to be heroic.

Najib dares to stand in front of a crowd, camera’s rolling and reporters ready with their smart phone and pen to record and write everything that he has to say for posterity – and what he wants to tell us is:  that BN lost Penang because BN has been too successful in developing the economy and the intellectual ability of its young people. 

You can say he is heroic. I just say he is stupid! 

Tell me friends…what can I say? When Najib comes up with that ‘intellectual’ rationale for BN’s loss of Penang in the last two elections what can I say!!!!!

Most of you will shake your head in sorrow that you have the likes of Najib as your Prime Minister! Stupidity you can understand and give allowances for but with 43,544 staff and a budget of RM12.1billion how do you try and figure the thinking behind’s Najib’s thinking? Is he just parroting what one of the 43,544 staff in his PM’s department told him to say?

In the same manner that they told him to be Mr. Cool and he obediently got on to a bicycle and did his Mr. Cool thing! In the same way that he spent time shooting the breeze with some people watching a football match because doing that was also cool?

The same people must have decided that the buzzword for October is “Victim of our own success” and Najib is dutifully doing as instructed. He could have used that phrase – victim of our own success - to explain Barisan Nasional’s loss of Selangor twice in a row or even explained the hundreds of thousands of smart, educated professionals that have left Malaysia for greener pastures overseas in the past decades or more……but it just so happened that Penang was convenient – so he used Penang as an example. 

The Prime Minister’s department has 43,544 staff and a budget of RM 12.1 billion (that was in 2010 – must be more now) and that was the best that they could come up with? Is there not one intelligent person in that 43,544? Or are they all made from the same mould of Najib?

Dear God how many Najib’s clones are out there in Bolehland? Please God spare us the horror!      

Tuan jangan selalu menari
Itu memang permainan syaitan
Orang belajar ka luar negri
Kenapa Najib ka Tanjung Rambutan?  


  1. I was baffled when I read what he said. Best regards.

  2. Najib got many speech writers who write fanciful speeches but does he really understand what is the really meaning????

  3. The riff-raff of his dept are for dealing with the rest of us. Also to "handle" special projects like MRT taken away from the ministry concerned. For his own profound thoughts, there are the know-it-all foreign con-sultants. Just as local schools, shops, hospitals etc. are not good enough for his family or the rest of the elite.

  4. Hussein,

    Yes indeed.

    Talk about speech writers...???

    Just to share this...


    PM Najib's advisers, a gay uncovered! -

    The full 16-page statutory declaration...-

    You be the judge.


  5. If apartheid policies do not exist in this country, then it is plain sailing for him to run this country. And Malaysia would be a nice country to stay.
    These separate development policies have divided the nation and people.Indeed the races have shown a certain amount of dislike for each other in the last 50 years and even more so in the last ten. As a non muslim, I find it increasingly difficult to live, work and have a peaceful life in the country of my birth. It is far too fetched to look for a light at the end of the tunnel and this is just a dream for the nons, Chinese and Indians.It's time to migrate .