Wednesday 30 October 2013

cakap cakap...please Sir will you just shut the fuck up!

It was Nazi Propaganda Minister, Goebbels, who declared that, lies repeated often enough would be accepted as the truth…so said our erstwhile Che Det aka that Prime Minister who ruled Malaysia for twenty-two years. Yes Sir if you keep repeating that the Judiciary in Malaysia is free from the corrupting influence of their political masters time and time again….very soon you hope that the people of Malaysia will accept it as the truth!

By the same token Sir I will continue to say that you are one of the most corrupt Prime Minister that our nation have had the misfortune of having….but in my case it is not a matter of repeating an untruth in the hope that the people will soon accept it as the truth….no Sir, that you are a corrupt Prime Minister is the truth! Maybe you can convince yourself that you are not corrupt because power, not money, was what you crave but Sir you need to understand that in your thirst for political power you are the cause of the rampant corruption we now see amongst our people.

Take your own family Sir. I have no quarrel with people who have become rich through their own efforts but I draw the line at those who have become insanely wealthy because their father had the political clout to make it happen. Why do I do so you may ask? It is purely a question of morals Sir. How can we ask the Traffic Policeman to stop taking bribes of RM$10 from the long-suffering public when your own children take advantage of their connection to you to become insanely wealthy? How can we ask the KSU of any Government department to not make ‘preparations’ for his retirement by awarding tenders to the very company that he has been offered a Directorship in when he retires? How can you fault Syed Mokhtar, Amin Shah, Halim Saat and Razak Baginda for doing what you do? To serve self, family and cronies before nation?

Yes many Malaysians have an intense dislike for you and for what you have done to this nation of ours but increasingly you have become more an object of pity that of hate. Pity because even at your age, Allah have not given you the wisdom to know that there is more to life than politics. Pity because you have become a bitter old man unable to do anything but pour scorn on others whom you disagree with – from Abdullah Badawi, Anwar Ibrahim and now to Najib. Is there anybody that pleases you at all? And if that is not enough you are now in cahoots with the likes of Berhim Berok and Perkasa because it serves your purpose to do so. Can you imagine such a scenario a decade ago? Mahathir and Berahim Berok on the same stage brandishing the Keris! How the mighty have stoop to so low a level in the quest for relevance! Even if that relevance is fleeting and empty of any substance.

We know you are too set in your ways to change. We can only hope that in time you will have the good sense to work out for yourself the difference between being asked for your opinion because people genuinely want to listen to what you have to say and you giving your opinion to those who are too polite to ask you to shut up. I do not have such qualms…please Sir will you just shut the fuck up!          


  1. Thanks, Hussein, that was really a good sermon. May I add "Mahathir, you are good for nothing."

  2. oncelyinThis devil started the country's journey into huge debt. We should refer him as "Che Debt".

  3. He and his children are rolling in wealth. Yet, no one will finger them. Another sign that we are gone case.