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Politics? Leave that to the politicians. BN/PAS/UMNO/PKR/DAP/MIC/MCA/ AMERICAN/ Democrats/Republicans…WHY politics as your agenda for migration? Have you been living in China ,There are elements build up the foundation of Chinese culture and society, tradition, and beliefs today ,The chinese in Mainland do practice 3,000 bc law , there's no such thing as democracy voting,No head counts,only head chop apply,Why nobody cares to border politically? Not even Malaysia DAP leaders.
Hi ,for the chinese it doesn't matters where the Money source come from., if needs to be street prostitutes,gangsterism,cheaters,gamblers,to them its as one's scarifices religiously ,as along monetary the rewards,thats their finale main ultimate life goals.let it be.Its sadden me, to see in near future,when anyone from muslim malay families to have the wierd looking darken with blue eyes's grands. .As for the malay in general, being a Muslim this is unacceptables forbidden Sin.I may agreed some weakness in general about the malays attitudes, instead educated like you should stays and helps these unfortunate muslim,clearly they're the victims of theologically trapped, instead of condemning them openly ,that needs to be rebuke .
If its to regards with your politic perceptions as i may persuing ,my advice to you,whoever they’re,in the government they'll screw it up,infacts every country in the world,you name it, any which way you look at it.
Having followed your thread , I notice there’s one question that’s been glaringly absent: Who is fit to take over leadership of this country? since you're so so pathetic in your comments and to be seen more alliance towards with Pakatan Rakyat? Do you really think a coalition without UMNO majority of Malays possible?,Which made up the Malaysia majority,PKR with completely with different ideals,able to unite themselves, let alone the governing the country? Right now they’ve got a common goal to enrich themselves by ousting Umno. But if history always repeats itself then the future does NOT look good.
Remember the Malaysian Communist Party? When the Japanese were here the MCP; like Pakatan Rakyat, had a common goal with everyone else - ousting the Japanese. Once the Japanese were gone however so was that common goal. We all know what happened next…
Even if that doesn’t happen it still begs the question - now how? You might be able to change a govenrment with one election but changing people’s mentality? That’s a whole different story. Can the Malays stop being so insecure and dependent on their privelages? Can the Chinese stop being so selfish and money minded? Can the Indians stop quarreling amongst themselves? Will everyone be willing & able to put communal issues aside and instead make national interests their priority?
Lets say that does happen there’s still the issue of time. From the point a new government takes over, this is the timeline of change most likely to take place:
First batch of 5 years: Cleaning up all the garbage that has accumulated over the years.
Second batch of 5 years: Planting new seeds i.e. new policies, laws, infrastructures, etc.,
Third batch of 5 years: Watering & tending those seeds
Fourth batch of 5 years: Seeds grow into trees and start to bear fruit
As you can see, it will take at least 20 years (remember this is from the point of a new government being installed) before any kind of significant change can be seen. And in all that time do you honestly think the ousted BN is going quietly sit by the side and twiddle their thumbs? All its going to take is for them to play up some issue or other (they’re grandmasters at that), get back their 2/3 majority and Malaysia will be back at square one.

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