Sunday 20 October 2013

Cakap cakap...Sunday morning.

Sunday morning….have been up since six this morning. Went to  sleep quite early last night. Saturday had been a busy day. My son bought some cameras and some photographic stuff from the auctions on Friday off the net and we went to pick it up. One of the items he got is a Mamiya C220 camera – an old camera still in good shape…he is into photography and what makes him happy makes me happy.

On the way back we stopped at a Market close by because we saw so many Asian – well Chinese to be exact – milling around the place and we just followed the cars into the parking lot and went in to see what the fuss was all about. When you go these kinds of places in KL you not only see Chinese but also Malays and Indians in the crowd and sometimes the odd Sikh or two. No hope of that here! At this place it was blanket Chinese. Chinese shops, Chinese restaurants, Old Chinese, young Chinese, Chinese customers…any type of Chinese you can think of was there. This would be a good place for Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa members to hold a membership drive! Nobody will hantam them…but for the Chinese there it will be like watching the Three Stooges and Bujang Lapok all wrapped up in one show – good entertainment on a Saturday!

Oh yes…we have a car now. After waiting for just a year for a parking space we were finally told one was available about two weeks ago. I know what car (Jaguar lah!) I wanted but budget considerations meant cannot buy a car above AUD$2500 – that’s about RM$7600. For that amount of money we got ourselves an A160 Mercedes Hatchback year 2000 – small and agile enough for city driving. So as I told K I am now nodding at any other Mercedes on the road…though nobody seems to be nodding back because the A160 would be like the Kanchil in KL…..everyone, including its occupants, wish that it would disappear from everyone’s view…and yet it would not!   

Here is the problem with having a car. In the last week since we have had it we have spent money on petrol, new clothes for the wife, auctions, eating out (MacDonalds lah!), Indian snacks and other Asian and exotic food that we would normally not buy (because we would have to go looking for it in hard to find places around Melbourne) and so much more on groceries that our fridge and pantry are now stocked to the limit. At least about Aud $ 500 more than what we would normally spent without the car! Nasib baik aku kaya!

I am resolved that I will stay home and not spend any more money on Sunday (actually no more money to spend ma!)……but already I have been looking on the Net for garage sales…and there is one nearby starting at 10am. So how? Sure go one!                  

Garage Sale in Fitzroy!

Fitzroy VIC 3065 view on map
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19/10/2013  to  20/10/2013
Are you a purveyor of the finer things in life? Do you appreciate sartorial elegance and the importance of looking and feeling funky fresh? Wanna be hip to the coolest music, literature, art and fashion then get yo ass down to the hippest garage sale this side of summer and snap yourself a preloved bargain! You know it's all good cos it's already been loved once. Come and show your love tomorrow from 10am Sun 20th October at 456 George St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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