Monday 14 October 2013

cakap cakap...Jakim and the threat to ALLAH and ISLAM.

I am a Malay born into Islam. Being born into this world and being born into Islam are two things that I have had no say in. There may have been other things over which I have had no control over but most of those things are done by my parents and others to prepare me for life.

As my mind developed and I became aware of what I could and cannot do, what I should and should not do about choices in my own life there were a few things that I started to question. Religion was one of them. One question I asked of Islam is this. Why was I required to pray in a language alien to me. Yes attempts were made to tutor me in Arabic during my time of growing up but it never caught on and there was really no use of Arabic for me other than to read the Koran and say my prayers – both of which I find terribly tedious then and now.  

For now that is about all that I want to say about Islam because for me religion is a personal choice  - a personal matter between me and whatever religious teachings I choose to believe in – a private and personal matter and one that I intent to decide for myself in my own time without any input or interference from anybody, any authority  - and that includes Jakim!

I do not want anybody to tell me that I should or should not believe in ALLAH and his prophet Muhammad. I do not want any authority to police me to see if I prayed, puasa, fornicate with anyone else other than my wife. I will live my life as I think fit taking pains to ensure that I am not intruding into the space or affairs of others. 

Now what does that makes me? A heritic?

I can tell you this about Islam in Malaysia. If there is any threat to Islam and to ALLAH it comes not from the Christians but more from what JAKIM does in its work for Islam. JAKIM cannot claim to defend Islam when it ignores what is being done by Muslims in politics, Muslims in public office and Muslims who are leaders for this nation….and for Islam – the chief culprit of all has to be the Sultans themselves. They drink and fornicate to their hearts contents without so much as a look see into their behaviour by JAKIM.    

In as long as JAKIM looks the other way at what is happening around them I say that they can go take a running jump into the lake! 


  1. bila dah mati ramai pula yang hidup nak uruskan simati ikut Islam sedangkan masa hidup simati tak suka Islam

  2. Well said. Whatever I've chosen to believe in, it is my own choice and no one should have any control on what I do. Who the fuck do these idiots think they are? They are actually a nuisance to society.

  3. By contrast, I was born an atheist as many Chinese were, and am still very much so, an atheist. Ayem immensely proud to know that the universe happens just as shit happens.
    No offense is meant for believers.