Thursday 31 October 2013

cakap cakap..the difference a kind word will make.

steadyaku47 comment: I received this comment this morning..and my answer follows.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
From one anonymous to another, we live in a somewhat democratic country where you are told what to think, do and pray but for me, calling these people, old buggers, is indeed is a very enduring thing. Well, let me put it in another way, the 25 odd buggers if you add up their ages together that figure would exceed 2000 taking you to the time of Christ.It is a bugger of a figure.
Had I labelled Pensioners Party goers, I could imagine what the reaction would be.
But like you I was looking towards a change in government] it didn't happen so I was just as disappointed as you were.
Do you really think these buggers would make a dent in the next election ?
Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 12:06:00 PM GMT+10:30
Blogger Hussein ABDUL HAMID said...
anon 12:06:00 let me tell you my story. About three years ago I sent a comment to one of my classmates blog - on what and about what I cannot remember with clarity. But I remember that two other bloggers took the trouble to tell me that they liked what they read - those two Lita and Pat - are responsible for me starting this blog steadyaku47. I now have over 2.6 million clicks and done over 4000 postings.

And my answer to your question "Do you really think these buggers would make a dent in the next election ?"...Yes Sir it would!
Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 12:24:00 PM GMT+10:30

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  1. Mr Hussein I sure thank God the day I 'met' your blog!And a reminder to those who think change is impossible : Remember the 2008 GE? The year we the people CREATED HISTORY!The nation was stunned that WE the RAKYAT CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN ! The leaders were stunned that the PEOPLE/RAKYAT actually HAVE A VOICE ! Noticed too that with EVERY general elections, the people/rakyat VOICES are GETTING LOUDER and LOUDER ! Don't you FEEL the pulse for change? The rakyat WANT change NOT for the sake of change but because WE WANT BETTER LEADERS.

    People, START BELIEVING that YOU ARE MORE THAN what THE LEADERS OF THE NATION wants you to believe simply because YOU DESERVED BETTER !!! (fr sainteres)