Tuesday 15 October 2013

cakap cakap....Zahid Hamidi, Ali Rustam and Shahidan Kassim - all honest politicians?

I have just about enough of all this attacks on the integrity of Dato’ Zahid Hamidi, Ali Rustam and Shahidan Kassim! These are all Malays! All first tier UMNO leaders and all veterans of Malaysian politics. In their defence I must point out that Zahid, Ali Rustam and Shahidan are unlike Mahathir and so many of UMNO leaders. With Mahathir we only knew about his wrong doings, nepotism and cronyism after he had been Prime Minister for twenty-two years!

But not these three veterans! They do not hide anything from us. It is all right there for all to see! Let it all hang out they say! They act like buffoons, talk like buffoons and think like buffoons! They are comfortable with who they are – take it or leave it. Zahid, Ali Rustam and Shihidan Kassim are brave enough to let us know that what matters to them are themselves! Yes what you see is what you get – idiots, arrogant political idiots of the UMNO kind – take them as they are! Damm if they are going to pretend! Now if that is not honesty – what is?

Not for them to pretend that they are for 1Malaysia or for them racial harmony. They come out with gun blazing quite like John Wayne with no apologies to anyone for their gung ho attitude.

I say let us have more of these kind of politicians who do not pretend to hide under any false front. We want to see politicians who do not cringe from telling all of us what they are : the “me-first” racist buffoons who will do anything to get the support of the “me-first” racists buffoons in UMNO who are about to cast their votes in the coming UMNO party elections. They may be idiots and buffoons but at least they are honest idiots and honest buffoons! Camna? 


  1. The scary thought is one of these buffoons could become our Prime Minister one day. God, please help Malaysia.

  2. The bridge to Sumatra has just been reserructed. Hooray! Put all those complaining of no jobs to work on it, like the Burma railway. Maybe the National Service kids too. Just imagine the toll alone. Actually, we should be have a stronger vision and prioritise a bridge to Sarawak.