Wednesday 23 October 2013

cakap cakap...

I received this comment last night and would like to share it with others....


Malaysia is beyond hope. Our country has gone to the dogs. For me, I be taking up Singapore citizenship by the end of the year. Will be selling off my house in PJ soon. I had enough of Malaysia. It has biased policies based on race. Racist thugs as Ministers. Corruption is rampant. The police force is actually a collection of a bunch of thugs. In short, I had enough of living in a 3rd world country. I had enough of ketuanan melayu. To me, racists and thugs can have Malaysia. The country will be run to the ground in no time. Earning Sgp dollars, I can always come back as a tourist and have these ketuanan melayu idiots serve me. 

steadyaku47 comments: My sentiments exactly!


  1. I left Malaysia many years ago and have peace of mind. Good riddance to your so called beloved Bodoland.

  2. Whatever you do,never migrate to a muslim country, unless of course you eventually want to be converted to a muslim, like Abdulla Tee and Chandra. And you know what the nons are thinking of them ?
    But life as a muslim is tough and unreal in this day and age, not only that you have to pray five times a day,fast a good month, you have to put up with the co2 environment whatever that is. Of course, Africa is out of bounds to you. The Nigerians are already here, thanks, they are doing well as best as they could. Actually, what are they doing here ?
    So Singapore is your choice ? I wonder if there is a better place, Ah Seng ! Don't get me wrong, Ayem not a muslim, Ayem what I am, an atheist.

  3. It looks like those of us who cannot afford to migrate are stuck in Bolehland and tolerate all the insults and inequalities.

  4. Anon 9.51.....not tolerate but live with it.....padan muka kita dua.