Thursday 31 October 2013

Cakap cakap....Haris Ibrahim in Melbourne.

Had early dinner with Haris Ibrahim yesterday evening before we went off to the multicultural centre in Melbourne for his talk on OPPOSING AUTHORITARIANISM IN MALAYSIA. Good turnout and a lively Q & A session after.

The images that he posted of himself on his blogs does not do him justice. Bukan handsome sangat but ada class and a touch distinguish looking. It was good for me to have an actual face to relate to the things I have read and heard about him. He did not disappoint me. Easy conversation, good company but committed and confident of his facts  in putting across his beliefs and the rationale for his activism in wanting change because what matters is the common good of the people. Listen when he speaks because he has a lot to tell.

I listened to what he had to say and one thing stuck in my head. PIL – Poverty Line Indicator. Pride did not allow me to tell Haris that I have never heard of PIL but I listened intently and had enough sense in me to understand what it was he was telling me as things unfold. And by the time the night was over I wanted to write about it today – not only what Haris had told us all but also my thoughts on it…and that is what I will write today. 

And he talked about Petronas. Imagine this. Since its inception Petronas has brought in about RM3 trillion. Only our PM is privy to Petronas account. Why is this so? Why is the financials of a company that is the largest contributor to our country’s wealth – 45% of the government’s budget is dependent on dividend from Petronas -   for the eyes of the Prime Minister only? Why is this so...and more inportant - where has the money gone to? 

I know what I will write about excuse me...I have work to do. 

As for Haris....I am the better for making his acquaintance. 

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