Sunday 27 October 2013

Najib you are not a victim of your own success! : A thief steals and a robber are both!

Najib: BN ‘victims of own success’

Anisah Shukry
 | October 26, 2013
Barisan Nasional president Najib Tun Razak assured Gerakan that its losses in Penang are a sign of BN's successful policies which brought "changes to mind, atitudes and values" of the younger generation.

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional was a “victim of its own success” in the past two general elections, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak told its embattled component party partner, Gerakan today.
In a bid to console the party after its bitter showing in the May 5 polls, Najib said:  “With our successes, we developed this country not just physically, but in terms of human capital and intellectual development.
“This has brought changes to the minds, attitudes and values of society today, especially the younger generation…
“Thus we have become a victims of our own success. And we must change.
“I have initiated this process by introducing the concept of transformative leadership in the government and in the party.”

steadyaku47 comments: 
No, no, no, no are NOT a victim of your own success!!!  You are a victim of your own arrogance, your own ignorance and your own inability to understand that success does not breed success. 

Success breeds a responsibility to make good the promises you made before you were successful to those who have given you the opportunity to be where you are. And success certainly comes with a duty of care and a duty for you to be accountable and open in the things that you do now that YOU have achieved the position where YOU think that YOU are successful!  

No, no, no,no Najib....history will judge if you and the party that you lead have been successful. Not you, not the past leaders of your political party...not even us!

You can start by looking at your cabinet. You will see a bunch of buffoons, idiots and corrupt ministers who are choose by you because you do not want anybody to overshadow you in cabinet. Has it ever occurred to you what it would do to you and to our country when you surround yourself with those buffoons, idiots and corrupt ministers? Try choosing people who are better than you and then maybe you will learn something from them....but then you will feel insecure having those kind of people around you!

You choose a pedophile to head RISDA and some one convicted of money politics to head FELDA! Any right thinking leader should be ashamed of himself for abusing the trust the people of Malaysia have put in you by putting these criminals in charge of of millions if not billions of the peoples money in the statutory bodies that they head.

No Najib you and the political party you head are not successful! What you do is abuse the trust we have placed in you for the personal benefit of your party members and your cronies. We call that stealing, plundering and pillaging our money! A thief steals and a robber are both! Success my foot! Huh!          


  1. .Both the PM and the DPM are idiots alright! Imagine trying to justify the withdrawal of sugar subsidy by relating to diabetes, and telling the story of the late former MB Azizan and his diabetic condition! Honestly, I don't think I can find any other human species that can equal their stupidity!

  2. I just don't understand why the good citizens of Malaysia would elect racists and corrupt politicians to run this government? The Malays decide the government and didn't make the right choice every time. Are these people so ignorant and short sighted even after 55 years ? But then I am not a Malay. Ayem what I am,an atheist, a proud one if I may say so. I have no problem with Allah. I was born and grew up in this country !

  3. " Defeat into victory "this guy is trying to tell you.