Saturday 19 October 2013

cakap cakap......Berahim Berok on heat again?

Who else will call upon the government of Najib Razak to wage a Jihad upon the Christian community – wherever they may be – for their ingratitude after ‘WE’ (the “WE” here possibly being UMNO and PERKASA) have given them leeway to have the Malay Bible.

I wonder what they will say if Christians nations do not give leeway to Muslims to have English language Koran in their countries!

I could cry at the stupidity of my own people – the UMNO Malays…cry even while others are laughing........but Malay leaders are adamant that UMNO has need of these kind of Malays because they speak for and to other Malays who are of their ilk. 

You will observe that when they are uttering these invectives it is necessary for them to be holding on to a Keris or with a Keris tucked away at their waistband in full view of the audience. Failing which they must be dresses in full Malay dress regalia with tanjak. If all this is not possible, the minimum requirement is a black songkok.  

When suitably attired any Malay will look resplendent and a little royal and will no doubt be able command the attention of a respectful crowd if he so chooses to use the occasion to put forward his thoughts and views on any given subject. 

Any Malay that is except this son of Ali aka Berhaim Berok. He somehow manages to look like a baboon in heat without any receptive female baboon wanting to service him. We already know how he expects his wife to behave when he is on heat at home but what happens when he is in public?   

He does what he did a few days back….call upon UMNO to teach the Christians a lesson. Ho hum….. if it is not the Chinese that he hantam it is the Christians. It used to be Mahathir but then they kissed and made up. It used to be PAS but PAS taught him a lesson at the last election and now he is without any ‘kawasan’ to call his own. 

I guess the only decent thing left for me to do is to arrange for this Berahim berok to meet with the following female baboon that is on heat and let this Berahim Berok to have his way with her ! 


I apologize for the crudeness of this posting but how else do I let this Berahim Berok understand what I think of him?  

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  1. He got kicked out from Pasir Mas yet he feels no shame in always acting as the spokesperson for the Malays. If the Malays really loves him he would have been their MP today. A nobody in society but trying to portray himself as somebody by spewing shits every day to be noticed.