Sunday 27 October 2013

What you would like to say to BN at the next election. Listen and learn here!


  1. Here is another one straight from the man himself;
    " I shall bathe this keris in Chinese blood "

    An apology would be nice and compassionate, and why not ? Only the brave... but are you ?

  2. What the BN or rather umno govt / ruling party is doing is exactly what the middle eastkingdom states such as saudiarabia and Qatar are doing in Egypt, libya, and now Syria, except that there the kings are self preserving their thrones by throttling growth of democracy by promoting rebels to kills fellow Muslim Shias and Christians and keep the conflict alive to keep democracy at bay. Here this umno party is promoting racial and religious issues , keeping them well alive to keep the simple Malay folks away from pas, keep their agent suppoRters within pASto explode from within if umno doesn't get PAS to join umno in a socalled unity govt, while using non umno BN parties to assure non Malays of fair play. All this is purely to keep the umno corrupt leadership in power forever and to continue pilfer the treasury at will with a compliant Judiaciary, PDRM, AG, miniseries, EC , NRD, etc . Whats the difference with Malaysia and middle east? As Harris Ibrahim says, it takes the bottom 40% to grow into a 60% and rebel against the corrupt systems of Gaddafi, Mubarack and Assad, by which Malaysia will be destroyed and the Malays will the cause of it and eventually suffer from it because they perpetuate the current corrupt system