Saturday 2 November 2013

UMNO does better than Hitler, Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein.

UMNO is not going to lose political power to Pakatan Rakyat or to anybody through any general election in the foreseeable future – at least a decade from now. If you are honest with yourself you know that the Malaysia we know now can only get more racist by the day because the foundation upon which UMNO intends to build the Malaysia of the future is race and religion. The Malay race and the Islamic religion!

Race and religion will be used by UMNO to ‘manage’ and keep the Malays beholden to UMNO. Race and religion will be the weapon of choice for UMNO to harass and cower the non-Malays into abject submission and for them to accept whatever scrap that are thrown their way by UMNO.

Those who have tasted and enjoyed political power will do whatever they have to do to hold on to power.

Hitler and his Nazi regime killed 6 million Jews, almost 1.2 million Serbs, over half a million Roma and Sinti, 300,000 people with disabilities, about 150,000 Freemasons, 100,000 communists, 25,000 homosexuals and 2000 Jehovah’s Witness.

Saddam Hussein killed 6 million of his own people – most of them civilians.

Ghadaffi killed into the tens of thousands of his own people.

Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Ghadaffi are individuals whose regimes fell after they died!

Not UMNO! There have now been seven leaders of UMNO since its inception. Dato Onn Jaafar, Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein, Tun Mahathir , Tun Abdullah Badawi and now Najib. Since Tun Razak's time all of them took charge of a political machinery that has been honed almost to perfection to ensure that UMNO’s hold on political power in Malaysia stays!

UMNO has started with the most basic of requirements for any despots to rule – to have an overwhelmingly large portion of the population supporting them. In UMNO’s case they have slowly but surely ensured, through legislation and other questionable methods, the proliferation of the Malays as the dominant race in Malaysia.

The Malays are constantly reminded that their Ketuanan in Malaysia is UMNO’s doing! It was the German people who voted Hitler into power. Saddam and Ghadaffi were able to hold on to power through thuggery and murder but they also managed to hold sway over their people with propaganda and the illusion that they are doing good for their people and their nation.  For the majority of Malays, especially in the rural areas, UMNO is their savior from poverty, their guardian angel to guard against the Chinese taking over their Malay nation and the champion for their religion, Islam against Christianity – so UMNO says!

UMNO has ensured that through education the Malays have been advantaged against other races because the availability of education, almost gratis, at all levels, are the privy of the Malay race.

These advantages are extended to business, work opportunities and almost everything else that matters in one’s life -  where the Malays are given preference over a non-Malay. That most of the business opportunities are really for the Malays in UMNO does not distract from the fact that they too are Malays. 

Through political power they have held for over half a century UMNO has used every means at their disposal to legislate political boundaries that are advantageous to them – gerry meandering is what the opposition accuse UMNO of doing -  but for UMNO is merely a fail safe method of ensuring electoral success. UMNO also ensure that appointees to the election commission and other authorities relevant to the election process are sympathetic to the UMNO cause.

From time to time when they deem necessary, the people are rewarded with subsidies, bonuses for festivals and even for just turning up for work! Projects, tenders, cash handouts for education, cultural and any other reasons UMNO deems necessary for that particular race so that they understand that having UMNO in power is financially rewarding for their race, for their cause and of course for themselves. Today those most in need (so says UMNO) are given cash handouts design more to make them dependent on UMNO’s generosity than to educate them to be independent and to enable to forage for their own needs.

Compared to Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Ghadaffi, UMNO are set to rule Malaysia for a long time to come because everything they need to keep them in power are already in place. There may be States that are not under UMNO’s rule but these states are no threat to UMNO.

Kelantan is under PAS – a Malay dominated State ruled by an Islamic party. More a potential partner to UMNO than a threat.

Penang is a state where the Chinese are dominant.  It is not a difficult task for UMNO to remind the Malays that if not for UMNO and if not for the race numerical advantage that UMNO has engineered, the Chinese will take over the country.

Selangor is for now in the hands of the opposition but to date the opposition is more embroiled publicly in trying to carve out the spoils of war from this most developed and richest of states in Malaysia rather than focus on the governing of the state. For UMNO Selangor will fall back into their hands – it is just a matter of when.
I am Malay that wants change in our country as much as anyone else – if not more.  Change would have to come from the Malays themselves and not anybody else simply because the Malays will continue to dominate demographically because of what UMNO has put in place. Until the Malay race in general understands that they, not UMNO, are responsible for their own survival no good would come out of our desire for change.

How the Malays will come to this realization is open to conjecture and speculation but I can assure you that Pakatan Rakayat as they are now, would not make it happen at the next general election.  We can argue on this till the cows come home – but suffice to say that the rot has already started. The DAP CEC elections is proof positive to the Malays that DAP is a Chinese political entity. The rumblings within PKR re Selangor, defections to UMNO by PKR MPs and the insistence of the old guards in DAP and PKR to hold on to their position within their party augers ill for the need of another generation of leaders to emerge in time for Pakatan Rakyat to put themselves as a viable option to the set and settled ways of UMNO and the BN coalition they lead. As always personal agendas of these old guards transcends common sense that change is inevitable – something that even UMNO will have to acknowledge if they are to remain relevant to the reality that even within UMNO, there is a demand for change.

I know these facts are depressing to consider but it does put into perspective the enormity of the task at hand if we want change in Malaysia. Tell me my friend where in the world and in our history has a dominant race in any nation allowed a minority in that nation to rule over them? Yes there have been instances where the minority rules for a short period of time but you and I know that even with a popular mandate to govern as was given to Pakatan Rakyat in the last election, UMNO still rule over Malaysia today.

I do not profess to know all the answers for change to happen but it will have to start from within all of us – all races, all religion who wants change because it is for our common good. The way things are in Malaysia today benefits not even the Malays in general. It benefits those in UMNO – and that too in the upper echelons of UMNO’s leadership structures. Surely this is untenable even for UMNO!  How long do you think it will be before the Malays in general can see for themselves the excesses and insane wealth that UMNO leaders have claimed to be their arrogant entitlement as part and parcel of the economic empowerment of the Malays as envisaged by UMNO.

The Malays are not beholden to UMNO for their lot today and for their future. I know this and the number of Malays that know this too increases by the day. When their numbers will become significant enough to make change possible is the question we all would like to know. Time and tide waits for no one…and the sooner we Malays understand this, the better it will be for our race and for Malaysia.    


  1. Ninety nine percent of the problems today and yesterday are due to religious conflicts. Is religion relevant in an age of ipads and samsengs ? I find it most ridiculous that people today are sitting around kopitiams on stools talking to each other face to face through these fads;they are young and old, some are old buggers too.But despite the fact I am fairly intelligent I too have fallen into this trap.
    Ghadaffi and Saddam were once great leaders. Have they massacred millions of their people, well how would we know ? We read the news from Times, Herald, Wiki, and Putin very own times and occasionally the Utusan and conclude.......the truth? Are these mid east countries any better off without them ?

  2. anon...agree that these countries are no better without them but it really boils down to what you want for yourself. I have no wish to live in a Malaysia under UMNO because i have seen and experienced first hands the things they do in the name of government. I write the truth as I see it.