Thursday 28 November 2013

Is UMNO really the biggest? Size does not really matters! Just ask Patrick!


November 28, 2013, 10:29 amThe Hype
Comedian Patrick Moote discusses making a 'cock-umentary' about his small penis.

How do you turn a humiliating experience into an exercise in liberation (and hopefully make some profits too)? Make a movie about it.
Comedian Patrick Moote found himself at the centre of an unfortunate viral video when his girlfriend rejected his on-camera proposal at the basketball. Her reason for not accepting him? He didn't pack enough punch in the penis department.
The failed proposal. Credit: Youtube
In an effort to make something out of this ahem, below-the-belt punch, Moote decided to make a 'cock-umentary'. He travelled the world over looking for penis enlargement solutions, and well, trying to figure out the answer to the age old question: 'Does size really matter?'.
So why make a film which highlights his... short-comings?
"When we started the film, the point I wanted to prove was not only does size not matter, but also that I don’t have a particularly small penis," Moote told the New York Post. "I think that we really saw an opportunity to answer a question that I think was bothering a lot of guys and I think it was really bothering me."
Inside Master Chu's studio. Credit: Youtube
While his intentions were honourable, it appears that they didn't exactly have the desired effect.
Asked about if he thought that he still had a small penis, he replied, "I don’t feel like I have a really small penis, I just know it’s not a particularly impressive or special penis. But it’s my penis, I love it and it’s great. We hang out all the time. But I’m still insecure about it."
While the subject matter may have been somewhat confronting, Moote did describe one of the enlargement procedures that despite being odd, he actually enjoyed.
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"In Thailand, we went to a guy named Master Chu’s studio to witness and participate in a form of martial arts where one of the techniques they use is hanging weights from their penis. On the outside it seems very strange, but it made a lot of sense. They’ve been doing it for like a thousand years, and I’m not going to lie, when they untied the rope and weight and released it from my situation, it felt amazing."
And for the record, Moote's 'situation' doesn't make an appearance in the film, a choice he made deliberately. He described the thought of his manhood on screen as "my nightmare."

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