Saturday 2 November 2013


Buy one kilo of lamb (diced) from supermarket

This entails me getting suitably attired – jeans, singlet and joggers – go downstairs and start walking to my favorite supermarket “COLES” about ten minutes walk away. If the tram happens to pass by I take a free quick two stop ride (illegal!) and I am at the supermarket in three minutes.

Go to the meat section and get that kilo of lamb – pay for it – and walk back/take a two stop tram ride – back to my place.

Get the slow cooker out and dump the one kilo of lamb into the slow cooker.

Go to the larder and get a bottle of Patak’s Rogan Josh

Unscrew bottle top and pour entire contents into the slow cooker containing the lamb.

Add one tablespoon of “Chef's Cupboard” vegetable powder stock.

Add  sugar to taste – that means if you like it sweet just hantam two or three tablespoonful…I put in one tablespoonful.

Put lid on slow cooker – and cook for three hours on high and one hour on low.

Done! Add two tablespoonful of butter when done to give it that richness. This will certainly increase your cholesterol level...but who cares...not me! Eating lamb already shortens your life by a few days. What's me worry! 

E N J O Y!   

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