Saturday 30 November 2013

cakap cakap.......on being grateful to UMNO

This Najib led BN government is more to be pitied than despised! Imagine putting Berahim Berok on the UITM Board!

I received the following comment to the above posting this evening and my reply follows:


Pak Yeh Yeh

4 minutes ago  -  Shared publicly
If you are a poor kampong Malay, only Mara and the bumiputar status will help you with scholarship and loans for higher education.
Without those things poor kampong Malays have nothing.
Which bank would give poor Malays a tiny loan.???
The Chinese prosper because they can access loans from Overseas Chinese Banking Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking,Kok Ming Banking etc,etc helped by British Opium Bussiness partners before merdeka. What bank do the Malays have. before merdeka.???
There was tremendous advantage given by British to the Chinese before merdeka..
So it is about time for Malays to be given tremendous advantage.
You a bogoise Malay. You dont know the hardships of kampong Malays.

steadyaku47 reply:

We Malays cannot dispute what UMNO has done for the Malays. They have done plenty! From my days in Pahang at SABS i have seen three of my school mates - one whose father was a Sergeant in the police, another a fisherman and yet another a rubber tapper - and all three sons ended up as very senior public servants, all rightly conferred with a datoship!

My anger is at what UMNO have taken from the Malays to keep for themselves and to give to their sahabats - not millions but billions - insane wealth! The billions siphoned out for themselves and their cronies could by now have taken the Malays to an unprecedented level of success when compared to other Malaysian. We now languish as a race without the ability to stand at par with everyone else in Malaysia..and instead we see Malay leaders arrogant and insanely wealthy with money that should rightly be shared with other Malays.

By all means help Malays in business and make them millionaires but do so in a manner that is decent and noble. Just look at Mahathir's children - where did their wealth come from in so short a time? Not from the Chinese  but from money and business opportunity that should have been spread out to other Malays.

Yes I am from a privileged background and I too did have my share of what UMNO did give to the Malays but my experience of doing business in Malaysia under UMNO has left me with a bad taste in my mouth for UMNO Malays helping other Malays.

Do not say that I do not know the hardship of kampong Malays. My time living in Kuala Lipis and studying at SABS and staying in the hostel there taught me a few things about life. 

I too have lived without money and without the dignity and respect any human being crave. I would rather have the nobility of the kampong Malays than do business with UMNO politicians or try to secure tenders from an UMNO led government or negotiate with UMNO rent seekers for business opportunities from the government. and I am talking as someone with ties to the very top in UMNO and in government.  It is demeaning and it does nothing for the Malays except teach them to do the same thing to others.

So brother I am grateful for what UMNO has done to the Malays but they could have done more...much much more if greed have not overtaken their sense of duty to the Malays. 

Yes UMNO has helped the Malays but at what costs to the Malays, at what costs to the non-Malays and at what costs to our nation and our future. I think brother the costs has been too high...a nation deep in debt, a Malay race possibly damaged by all that UMNO "have done" for them and certainly an abundance of corruption and arrogance amongst UMNO leaders  - truly what we do not want to have in our leaders of any race and of any religion!

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