Monday 4 November 2013

cakap cakap...Najib, Christiane Amanpour, Obama and missed opportunities!

I watched Najib’s CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour – truly a chore I disliked doing because watching a lying, conniving Najib is not my idea of a good time on a Saturday afternoon! I did so because I wanted to make my own judgment if he did kelentong CNN. Short answer? HE DID!

Najib's posture is contrived. He sits uncomfortably with leg crossed seemingly to appear nonchalant and relaxed when what he is  trying to do is trying to control his bladder from emptying and wetting his pants because he is scared shitless as to what Christiane Amanpour is about to do to him. He just cannot go to kenching just yet!

You can see that his left hand grips his right hand tightly and both are clasped in the manner of one earnestly waiting for the outcome of a waited event with trepidation in case you are caught out to be what you really are – a cheat and a liar.

And then it starts.  

“It is alarming this conflict between the sunni and the Shiah…tearing apart the Muslim world…and it is about time we come to our senses…moderation is the only path that will ensure peace and stability for the Muslim world and for the wider world” so says Najib.

Huh! Are the Shias allowed freedom to practice their interpretation of Islam in Malaysia? Why does Najib not start by amending Malaysian law that discriminate and prosecute the Shia’s for their interpretation of Islam? Home Ministry secretary-general Rahim Mohamad Radzi announced in August this year that measures to curb Shia practices will “involve the Home Ministry, the police, Registrar of Societies, control of publications under the Printing and Publication Act, curbing the production of CDs and DVDs by the Film Censorship Board and monitoring by the Immigration Department.” The Malaysian BN government plans to root out the Shia movement in Malaysia.....and if the Malaysian government is doing this to the Shias in Malaysia  Najib wonders why the Shia and Sunni are at each other’s throat in the Middle East?

And if any of you are about to whack me because I am supporting the Shia or the Sunni let me tell you this – I know as much about the Shia or the Sunni as I know about the Sumerian Religion – an ancient religion that existed 70,000 years ago! Zilch. Zero.Nought.  The point of the matter is this : Najib cannot claim to be the one to want the Shia and the Sunni to come together when the government he leads prosecutes the Shia for their interpretation of Islam. Kapish?

And then with a straight face he tells Amanpour his thoughts on Obama cancelled trip to Malaysia :  “ A missed opportunity for Obama to assert his leadership…I know he regrets it”….dey thamby you need Obama to give you legitimacy and some much needed attention -  not the other way around.

And yes he did mention about abolishing the ISA. I am not even going to waste my time rebutting that statement but I do take exception to his claim “If you push it to the extreme and you don’t accept the will of the people…I have a problem with that”.

Najib how do you measure the will of the people? Is not losing the popular vote at the 13th general election a realistic indication of same? 

Is not the outpouring of disgust and contempt by so many of us on the Net for the manner your Rosmah conducts herself is proof positive that it is not just you but her too that we dislike? 

Or has the trappings of political power managed to isolate you from what is really happening amongst the natives of this nation? Najib the natives are restless!

If as you say to Amanpour “My priority is to ensure peace and harmony in Malaysia….that is uppermost in my mind” than I say to you that taking you out is uppermost in our mind. You must have some grey matter up there in your head to have got where you are now – numero uno in Malaysia. Now let us see if there is still any grey matter left unused that could possibly make you understand that lying on the world stage is the kiss of death for leaders whose time in office is decided not by a global audience but by Malaysians who listen to you speak and make their own mind as to the truth of what you have said.     

Too many times we have listened to you lie about the things you want to do, will do and shall do if elected to office after the 13th general elections. Too many times we have listened to you make promises you have not kept to ensure that our civil liberties will be respected and guaranteed. All this have now pass into the realms of absurdity as anger will surely turn to activism for many of us in our bid to rid ourselves of a Prime Minister we no longer trust.

Today it is Christine Amanpour, tomorrow TV3, the NST, Utusan  and Parliament. Do what you will Najib. We will do what we have to do. There is just one of you – many of us….but more worrying for you is what Mahathir will now do to put his son in your place. I do not envy your situation and yet I have no pity for you. Que sera sera!     


  1. Najib was basically waffling through the entire interview as he failed time and again to answer Amanpour's questions!

  2. Disappointing interview, did he say anything new or positive ? He was making excuses and apologies to questions put before him by the interviewer. At one time, he nearly threw out his eyebrows against the lady and quickly retracted them for safe keeping. And I can't understand why wouldn't he answer the questions put before him directly and precisely. He gave me the impression that he didn't know what is going on in this country. Come on, forget the slogan 2020, be original for a change.As soon as the tv inquisition was over, he was checking to see that his eyebrows were still intact.Totally nothing came out of this interview except that he appeared. Ayem not impressed.


  3. Why did Amanpour not ask the concluding question..Who killed Altantuya..?

  4. Email your article with comments to Christine Amanpour @ CNN; try get her reponse.