Thursday 28 November 2013

Make no mistake…our country is on the brink of many impending failures!

The game that politicians play with our minds offends us because they presume that we are a gullible lot. They may be our elected representatives but what they say and do distort our will, not reflect it.

It is worrying that while they are not blind they cannot see how dire is the state of our economy today, while they are not deaf they cannot hear the strident call for change that we are demanding, and while they have brains they cannot think what has been the consequence of their corrupt and arrogant ways. 

Politicians make or break a nation. It is our lot to be saddled with politicians who over these last three decades have not been our salvation but our burden to bear…and more worrying, for our future generation to bear for God knows how long…that is if there is still anything left of this beautiful country of ours to be left for future generations.

Make no mistake about this…our country is on the brink of many impending failures. Not merely economic, not merely racial and religious Armageddon even though some will insists that we have reached the point of no return to what Malaysia once was – a country rich in racial diversity with the promise of a future full of hope and unimaginable economic possibilities that we all aspired to. Instead we are now a nation facing all manner of impending doom from all sides – economic, religious and racial!


Our nation is without the massive and most damaging earthquakes that erupt in Indonesia more often than that country could endure.

Our country is without the catastrophic coups, violent and deadly demonstrations that sweep across Bangkok every few years that render their government susceptible to debilitating malaise. And massive floods that wreck havoc across Thailand almost every year.

We have no Typhoon Haiyan that has killed thousands upon thousands of Filipino and impacted upon 8 million people – 4 million of them children!

We have been blessed with a wealth of natural resources – Petroleum, tin, copper, iron ore, natural gas, timber, bauxite and gold to name a few.

Except for a brief period of racial unrest in May 1969 there has been no other calamities – only peace and calm.

And yet today we are on the brink of economic, racial and religious Armageddon…if UMNO are to be believed!

And why should we not believe UMNO? Are they not our government for over half a century? Are they not the leaders the people of Malaysia have consistently elected to be their representative? Are they not the champions of the largest ethnic group in Malaysia – the Malays? Do they not lead a coalition of political entities consisting of other ethnic groupings that represents the other ethnic groups in Malaysia? Have not every Prime Minister we have had since Merdeka been from UMNO? Why should we not believe UMNO then?

Yes why should we not believe UMNO! Huh!

For sure we are on the brink of economic failure, at the edge of possible catastrophic racial conflicts that could lead to death and destruction of property and lives and the loss of a way of life that all of us have grown accustomed to! Anybody with half a brain will agree with this prognosis for all the events necessary for a perfect storm that will result in all of the above are already gathering above us all.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions (and counting!), of our best brains and professionals have already left taking with them what our country need most – valuable manpower needed to face the impending perfect storm of economic failures, racial and religious strife that is  about to sweep our nation.

Our nation’s wealth have been plundered by politicians and their cronies to such a degree that we no longer talk about what the future holds for us but we talk about staving off economic collapse and economic stagnation that now affects every household across the nation.

Yet our leaders are preoccupied with their distractions. The wife flies off on OUR government jet to do what she has been doing all her effing life – shiok sendiri! Our Prime Minister focused not on creating wealth for our nation, shoring up our sick economy or creating sustainable growth and opportunity for our people to benefit from but he is instead focused on being ‘creative’ to take more from our people – through the GST and effing transformation initiatives etc.

His Ministers play games at advancing their vested interest – be it mistresses, personal wealth, posturing to build up their political capital to trade for future positions when change within their political parties happens. And past leaders struggle for relevance in an increasingly muddy arena where a dog eat dog reality exists.

O my dear beloved country…what will the future bring for you and for me! I cannot cry anymore for I have done my crying too many times in the past. My heart beats with anguish and is heavy with sadness for I know that time is no longer on our side. If our aspirations to leave a better future for our children that the one we have had is to become a reality we must begin now. Now or never!       

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