Monday 4 November 2013

ISABEL is 6 this Week.

 Isabel at around two with Terrina

Isabel at Five 

Isabel this week


  1. En Hussein I never believe in lady luck nor in man luck but I will say this , `You are blessed ' and no matter what your beliefs , I pray that the Almighty will keep pouring His blessings on you and your family NOT because of your spirituality BUT because of your humbleness .

    I want to say THANK YOU too for the many articles ( very informative ) and the songs ( sweet memories ) and even if you don't look anything like Justin B , YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL through and through ! ( you have many fans/readers ) . God gave you a generous heart and once again, thank you for sharing . Your fan 'sainteres'.

  2. Good morning Isabel, have a nice day. And you too, Hussein. What a wonder, the internet is, you can communicate with people that you have known for years but not met, you visit libraries, centers of learning without being there, travel the world over with your gps and finally tell the politicians what we think of them( not highly ). Cheerio.

  3. To the two anons....many thanks for the kind words...its early Monday morning and the week beckons. ..ket us go and live life as we should - happy and with hope that it shall be so for many weeks to come.

  4. Happy birthday cutie pie.
    What a lucky Grandpa, grandma.Mama and Papa.