Wednesday 6 November 2013

And when you have done your best….your heart will tell you so!

As I am fond of saying…I can write good or bad on just about anyone…me included. I can wax lyrical about the good deeds I have done while forgetting the bad. I can tell you about how many times I have reminded you all about the broken promises made by Najib while ignoring those that he has kept. I can remind you that  Anwar Ibrahim has endured tribulations much more that what anyone else had endured in many lifetimes and not mention what tribulations he had put our country through while he was in UMNO. So please take what I write with a pinch of salt for taste and be ready to click me out of your life when you think I am again just being myself: irrelevant, self opinionated and too full of myself - the same as anyone else! By all means be opinionated but accept that others too have their point of views.

Malaysians today are more informed, more knowledgeable and opinionated thanks to the Internet, education and the financial means to have access to both. It is not good having the Net out there if you do not have a computer to access it. And it is no good having a computer if you do not have the knowledge to use it. The question now is what do you do with the wealth of knowledge now available to you?

I can only speak for myself. Almost every morning when I power on my PC I will first check those things that are relevant to me. My emails, facebook, comments to what I write, and my stats for yesterday. Once my ego is satisfied that there are some of you out there who do read what I write and like/dislike what is in steadyaku47 I then go on to what else the net has to offer.

Malaysiakita  is where I get a sense of what is happening in Malaysia. Everything you need to know is there – politics, current affairs, news even entertainment if you look hard enough. And from there you can go anywhere the links lead you to.

By now, with all the inputs from the Net and the realities of life around me, my mind will start to form my agenda for the day. Some of you will have meetings and discussions ahead of you. Some a journey to up North, South, East or West. A full days work will be the lot of most of you and yet for some this will be the first day of your holiday! There will be those who wait for news if their love ones will live through the day even as they hurry to the hospital to be by their side. And yet even as that life and death drama unfolds you know that your day is just about to begin.

It is amazing that with all that is happening around you your focus is on your self and those that matters to you…and so it should be if not how can the world function?

And yet there are some amongst us that cares for others.

There have been times when we have not had enough food to last us until the next pension payment a few days away. When that happens I do not worry too much for I know that I can get help from Anglicare, the Salvation Army and other welfare organizations. I go there with my pension card and there will give me a food basket to last me those few days until our next payments comes in. Why does Anglicare do this? No it is not to convert me to Christianity or to any other faith…it is to help those who are in need.

How many of you will really go out of your way to help those who are in need? Not just those few cents or dollars that you give the alms seekers. Not those times when you send some food to the mosques to feed the poor children and their families. Not even that regular contribution you make to deserving charities -  though all that does help those who are in need – I am talking about a commitment to assist those who are in need.

It is not a pleasant experience to live in want….more so when that want is the need to feed your children. These thoughts occupy my mind often these days. For now I know not what I will do to make a difference but it occupies my mind to the extent that it makes me uncomfortable that I am now comfortable in my life. Uncomfortable because there are children out there who are starving, without shelter and without any hope for any future. Maybe the images that television brings into our living room of these children makes us think more of them but even when the images goes away…their plight lingers in my head.

I really do not know what difference we can all do for now except to give money to those organizations that help these children but I know that is not enough. It will only be enough when you are yourself are committed to making a difference because then you will do your best to make change happens to those who are most in need.

And when you have done your best….your heart will tell you so and you will be a better person for doing so. And that is all that I try to do each day…do my best in everything that I set my heart to. Have a good day.                

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