Friday 29 November 2013

cakap cakap...Selangor, Khalid and the two A's.

From the comments of the two A’s (not arseholes lah!) - Azmin and Anwar, they seem to not know that Khalid was going to raise the salaries of some of the top Selangor officials! What gives? One is the head of PKR in Selangor and the other is PKR’s Selangor economic Advisor! How can this happen?

Are you telling me that the right hand (Khalid) does not know what the left hand (Azmin) is doing…and the suppose brain (Anwar) is far removed from the whole process of thinking when they want to do something in Selangor?

Is this how PKR is running Selangor? And then they debate the whole issue in the Public Domain! How clever is that? Panggil bodoh nanti marah pulak!

It worries me that Najib is our Prime Minister because this guy is in a class by himself – stupidity personified but at least he is alone in his stupidity….okay lah Najib is ably assisted by FLOM but now Selangor had its top three guys scoring points against each other in public! Cukup lah PKR…grow up! Lets us have some ‘class’ and show the people that you are all responsible adults…hard to do but try lah!

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