Sunday 3 November 2013

Why Malaysian Chinese are better than Mainland Chinese : Lost in Translation.

 Chinese Signs That Got Seriously Lost In Translation

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1. In case of emergency…

In case of emergency...
What they meant to say: Fire extinguisher.

2. You know, one of those time sex things…

You know, one of those time sex things...
What they meant to say: Disposable items.

3. Freshly caught, I hope!

Freshly caught, I hope!
What they meant to say: Carp from mainland China.

4. Can I get a fucking heart exam, too?

Can I get a fucking heart exam, too?
What they meant to say: Vaginal Examination Room.

5. Thanks for offering.

Thanks for offering.
What they meant to say: Please do not touch. We’ll help you try it on.

6. Lonely Planet said it was a must-see.

Lonely Planet said it was a must-see.
What they meant to say: Ethnic minority park.

7. Hey, you might as well be graceful about it.

Hey, you might as well be graceful about it.
What they meant to say: Be careful not to slip and fall.

8. Ah, maybe we should wait til they’re done.

Ah, maybe we should wait til they're done.
What they meant to say: Construction in progress.

9. Maybe it’s reverse psychology?

Maybe it's reverse psychology?
What they meant to say: Don’t drink and drive.

10. Right?!?!

What they meant to say: Dried goods.

11. Shh!

What they meant to say: Do not step on the living grass.

12. Hey, no funny business.

Hey, no funny business.
What they meant to say: Important engine room.

13. I heard it’s protected by UNESCO.

I heard it's protected by UNESCO.
What they meant to say: Garden with a curved pool.

14. We need to start unrecycling more often.

We need to start unrecycling more often.
What they meant to say: Non-recyclables.

15. But besides that, you’re great!

But besides that, you're great!
What they meant to say: The grass is living, please do not step on it.

16. Definitely the best flavor.

Definitely the best flavor.
What they meant to say: Exotic flavor.

17. Oh, stop it…

Oh, stop it...
What they meant to say: Please kindly save water. Please kindly pee in the toilet bowl. Please kindly flush. Please kindly protect public property.

18. It’s really popular with X-Men.

It's really popular with X-Men.
What they meant to say: Coconut jelly candy.

19. Edison was so wise.

Edison was so wise.
What they meant to say: Nothing that has value in the world can be had without effort.

20. And it’s on sale!

And it's on sale!
What they meant to say: Korean, seasoned seaweed.

21. Maybe the oven was broken?

Maybe the oven was broken?
What they meant to say: Fried duck.

22. Cheap, fast & easy.

Cheap, fast & easy.
What they meant to say: ….Who knows.


  1. Had such a good laugh at the last picture - not so much for the error but at your comments. Thanks

  2. Kah.kah.kah.
    fuck the duck untill explode.
    I cant eat it no mater how good it taste.

    V Gud 1 Husein. It really made my day.

  3. Hahaha ! Anymore En Hussein ? ! ! You are incredible ! Thank you. (sainteres)