Sunday 9 August 2015

Cakap cakap....Moral Pause...."What did you do with the money?"

In life we make choices. Good choices, bad choices. Choices that can damm you as being evil, selfish, arrogant and even corrupt. Sometimes these choices tells others the kind of individual you are. Sometimes you makes these choices because the values you hold, the sense of duty you have for others makes you to put others ahead of your own welfare, your own interest and at times even your own safety. This you do when you care enough for the good and the well being of others for no rewards to yourself. These are the times when you give more than you take.

Ask yourself what choices have you made in your life and ask yourself how have those choices affected your life and the life of those around you. Do truly reflect if, by making those choices, you have done good or evil? Done more harm than good? Made life for others more difficult or better?

For you see it is the sum of all our deeds, all that we do for ourself and for others that is the sum of all that will be good or evil in the world we now live in. Do not think that your deeds will not make a difference. Do not for a moment think that you do not matter! It will make a difference and you do matter!

Consider this. 

If you teach your children well and they in turn grow up to be responsible and good adults then you have done your work as parents well. And you hope that they to will do the same to their children. And so the world turns.

Consider also this. 

What if these children, for whatever reasons, do not grow up to be responsible adult and fails you and fail themselves and also failed the many others around them? And then not only your children but the children of others - many others - grow up to do more evil than good? And those that do more evil than good have somehow taken for themselves positions in society that allows them to eschew the welfare and good of others over their own interests? And these same people take for themselves what they want without consideration for others, without a care for the consequences of their actions? 

What then will happen?

Then they become the men and women we have worked so hard to not have our children become for "At his best, man/women is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he/she is the worst" Aristotle.

And no person exemplifies this truth more than Najib Razak in the manner he has handled the RM2.6 billion "donated" to him by person/persons unknown (for now).

In life we have at various times of our life, given our time, effort, food and even donated money to those we feel are deserving of it. We give freely and with a hope that what we give will make a difference for the better to the life of those we have helped. We hope that in the giving we are not being deceived by the reality in front of us. If we are asked for money by a man to buy food for his hungry family then we hope that is what he will do with the money - buy food to feed his starving family.

If we believe in the cause a political party is fighting for, we give our time, our effort and at times our money towards enabling that political party to further the causes we believe in. 

And if our country asks that we pay GST on the necessities of life that we buy with our hard earned wages we want that money to be used for the good of the people and that of our nation.

We want those that take the money that we give to them to use it wisely and more important, honestly. 

Today we know that our prime minister, Najib Razak, had Rm2.6 billion of "donations" deposited into his personal bank account by person or persons unknown!

Do not talk to me about what Umno tells us Najib can or cannot do with that "donation".

Do not tell me that past presidents, deputy president and treasurers of umno have also held Umno's money in trust under their personal account. 

Do not lecture me on the fact that political donations in Malaysia under present conventions and laws, are legal.

Do not tell me that the prime minister has given his word that he did not use that RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal account for his personal self. His words are not good enough for me!
And do not tell me that the MACC and other authorities and individuals have confirmed that the money did not come from 1MDB.

I do not care how much any country, any other political organization, any individual or even what Soros or any other sources have loaned, donated or backhanded to the opposition. 

What I want is for my prime minister, our prime minister, to think very carefully and answer the following questions about that RM2.6 billion donation that has been paid into his personal account:
  • What is the right thing to do?
  • What is the honest thing to do?  
  • What would be the thing that others would want him to do? 
  • What should a Muslim, and this prime minister is a Muslim is he not? What should a right thinking, responsible God fearing Muslim do with that RM 2,6 billion deposited into his personal account?  
Najib has already given his answer to the above questions by the things that he does.

On all of the above counts that we asked him to ponder and think about, by his actions, Najib has failed Islam, has failed Umno, failed us and more critical, failed himself!    

When you hold money in trust for anyone, what is expected of you by those for whom you hold that money in trust for, is accountability.

Not your word that you can be trusted to do what is right with the money. 

Not your promise that you will spend it wisely.

Not claims by you that under the law or under whatever authority your party have given you, you have the authority to do as you think fit with the money that you now hold in trust.

When all is said and done what everyone wants to know is simply this : 

"What did you do with the money?"

And the only way you can answer that truthfully is to show everyone what you did with that money. No ifs no buts....SHOW THEM WHAT YOU DID WITH THE MONEY! If you fail to do this then you have failed as our leader, failed to be honest with the people of Malaysia and failed the Malays and failed Umno, failed your family failed your father and mother to be the filial, ALLAH fearing, good son that they have hoped you to be. 

And Najib your late father, Tun Razak, is long gone and we all pray that he will be amongst those favored by ALLAH....but your mother is still amongst us.

Do you not ask yourself if you should at least give her some peace of mind in these twilight years of her life and be that filial son that she and your father must have wished that you become?

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