Saturday 29 August 2015

Quickies : Najib's ABC

A   Altantuya Sharibu - murder of.

B   Bangsat/Bangan/Bodoh - what he calls us!

C   Corruption - most corrupt PM

D   Donation - RM2.4 billion.

E   Eurocopter / Executive Jets  - expensive toys the Rakyat pays for.


G  Gani Patail  

H  Hermes  

I   ISIS  - reason given for RM 2.4 billion donation!

J   Jho Low.

K   Kampong Baru Ethnic Tension in 1987 / Kangkong.

L   LRT Ampang extension- award to George Kent - irregular / LYNAS

M   Mindef / Missing Jet Engines / Muhyiddin Yassin/ Mahathir

N   Naval Petrol Boats / NFC

O   One MDB

P   Perak Crisis/ Port Dickson / not for Personal Gain!

Q   Queen Control

R   Razak Baginda

S   Sibu / Scorpene Submarine / Sukhoi Fighters Jets / Saiful

T   Tekun RM 1.6 billion federal funds used as loans prioritize for Umno members.

U   UTK - Unit Tindakan Khas - Najib's security detail involve in murder.

V   Vacant - describes the state of Najib's mind.

W   WSJ - Wall Street Journal / Warlords / Warrior (Bugis so he claims).

X   What you should not put on ballot papers against BN logo at elections.

Y   Yawn - what you do when Najib makes any more "transformation" promises.

Z   Zahid Hamidi - the man who wants to be King!


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