Monday 10 August 2015

Quickies : Mile High Club. Malaysia Pon Boleh!

Have YOU joined the Mile High Club?

Miranda Kerr

If you didn't already know about Miranda's confession then you're about to discover a whole different side to the Australian beauty. Speaking to GQ she admitted to being a member with ex-husband Orlando Bloom: "Sort of. Let's put it this way, I've had an orgasm in the air before. Alone. And together." Bravo.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigan
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Celebrities spend most of their lives jet-setting so it's not surprising some are fully fledged members of the Mile High Club. Singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigan made their shock confession to hooking up in the skies.

Carmen Electra

There's nothing worse than preparing yourself for a long-distance flight, only to discover you've either already watched the movies or hate the entire cast. So fair play to blonde bombshell Carmen who created her own in-flight entertainment with then-boyf Dave Navarro in 2003. “We worked it out that I would go in first, and Dave would come along after and give a secret knock. Then I let him in and, well, the rest is history," she spilled.

Janet Jackson

It's not just her nipple slip that's a bit risqué about Miss Jackson. In 2006 she was playing the 20 Questions game and inadvertently blabbed about getting down to business with Jermaine Dupri on a commercial flight. And what's even more incredible is the pair didn't even leave their seats!

 This jet setting (on our jet, on our money and on our time) couple were on another of their many all expenses paid OGSST (On Government Service Shopping Trip) to Milan when they too joined the Mile High Club - separately. He by himself at the 5th mile and she by herself at the 10th mile. Malaysia Boleh!       

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