Friday 7 August 2015

Any Malaysian government that Najib leads or that Najib is a part of, I hereby declare that I will do what I can to overthrow that government. If by doing so I am a threat to the national security of our nation so be it!

I am one of those bloggers who have been working to kick Najib out of government, out of Umno and out of Seri Perdana. And as long as this Najib idiot continues to be the head of any Malaysian government then I will also work diligently to overthrow that government and any other operatives of that government who have been involved in any activities to stay Najib's departure from the same government.

Have I made myself clear?

Any Malaysian government that Najib leads or that Najib is a part of, I hereby declare that I will do what I can to overthrow that government.

If by doing so I am a threat to the national security of our nation so be it!

If by doing so I have committed a criminal act or an act punishable by whatever the powers that be deems fit to impose on me for doing be it!

If there are any legislation, acts and laws that prohibits such acts of overthrowing the Malaysian government led by Najib Razak then I say fuck the law!

And if any Grand Mufti declare that my act in wanting to overthrow a legitimately elected government of Malaysia is against the teaching of Islam then I will tell the Grand Mufti to go ride a camel and do on the camel what that other Mufti told Muslims they could do with their wife with or without her consent.

And if Jawi or Jakim or any such religious authority seeks to put the fear of God unto me by threatening to whip me or declare me an infidel then I will tell Jawi and Jakim to "bring it on!".

In other words, come what may, I will continue to work diligently to overthrow this Malaysian government under the leadership of Najib Razak - something I have already been doing  for the past few years and will continue to do so until Najib Razak is out of government.

Now who have been with me in this endeavor?

Go read the blogs and posting on FB and you will have a fair idea of how many people are working to overthrow this legitimately elected government of Malaysia! There will not be enough jails in Malaysia to hold even 10% of these activists and agitators that are covertly or overtly working to throw the current Malaysia government under the leadership of Najib Razak.

Are there any government or private individuals providing me with funds for the work that I do to overthrow this legitimately elected government of Malaysia under the leadership of Najib Razak? If I say yes that would put that individual or country into strife with Malaysia. If I say no....then I malu pulak because I got no support from anyone in my work on this question I just make don't know only lah! This way I still got some face.

Questions have been asked by many friends, people have seriously debated amongst themselves and political pundit of every persuasion have studiously construct and deconstruct possibilities, probabilities and scenarios as to what will happen when Najib invariably steps down as prime minister.

Read the previous sentence again and note that what is being discussed and debated is not if Najib will step down as Prime Minister but when Najib steps down! The timing is moot but the stepping down is not!

His position is untenable and every day he stays on as prime minister makes a mockery of what his own father have stood for (service to the nation and its people before self!) , what his father have fought for (not only for the rural and urban Malays but for all Malaysians) and  for what his father have aspired for Malaysia to be - a nation in which there is a place for every race, room for every beliefs and a decent future for all Malaysians. 

What happens when Najib leaves?

Zahid Hamidi will strive to secure the position that he, as DPM, rightly believes is his - but we know that history tells us that DPM's in Malaysia do not necessarily become PM's if the fate of Musa, Ghaffar, Anwar Ibrahim and now Muhyiddin are to be any guide. 

So even as Zahid throws his hat over the wall into Seri Perdana, Muhyiddin by virtue of his Deputy President of Umno post also has a legitimate claim to the same position. As these two jostle for position there will be a rush to declare support for either candidate by anyone whose has even a solitary vote within Umno to cast for either candidate for the post of President of Umno and Prime Minister of Malaysia.

While all this is happening Ku Li will stand aloof (as he usually do because he has "fuck you" money and does not need to being himself down to Zahid or Mahyuddin's level - "fuck you" money is the money you have which enables you to say that to anybody you dislike without worrying whether it will hurt you financially).

He knows he is in with a chance if Umno can be persuaded that neither Zahid or Muhyiddin can garner the numbers required for outright victory. 

State against state - Johor against Perak. 

Faction against factions within Umno. 

Mahathir against all will be an interesting, bruising and expensive....a very very expensive battle for Zahid and Muhyiddin to win -  a battle Ku Li will have no stomach to get involve in because he knows that Umno needs him more than he needs Umno. 

Malaysia needs Ku Li  more that he needs the prime ministership - because he knows only he can be the option left when Zahid and Muhyiddin are done fighting each other.....and so he waits.

But if he waits too long then he becomes irrelevant. Moves too fast and he becomes a threat to Zahid and Muhyiddin and they could both turn on him with a vengeance and neutralize him without too much effort.

We live in interesting time indeed!

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