Sunday 2 August 2015

Quickies : What happens to Politicians in Australia when they use Public Money to satisfy their Ego.

Today what occupies the minds of many Australians is whether Bronwyn Bishop is up to her job as Speaker of Parliament. Apart from questions with regards to her impartiality in Parliament there is now the question of her lack of judgement to her entitlement as Speaker in chartering a luxury helicopter for a trip to attend her party's fundraising function costing over Aud 5000. She has since apologized for her lapse of common sense  and has paid back the money with a penalty imposed by the Prime Minister....but her fate as Speaker of the House still hangs in the balance as the public wants her dismissal from office asap. 

Compare that to that trip by you know who to Dubai to represent our Nation when she is not an elected representative of any constituent and really has no business or entitlement to do anything of that sort!

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