Thursday 10 December 2015

cakap cakap : Perhimpunan Umno

4.38 am Melbourne 10th December 2015.

For me, the images and stories coming out of Malaysia is, to say the least, disturbing. 

For sure you will have trouble sorting out facts from fiction and you must of course be wary of the spins being concocted by paid saboteurs  to serve the interest of individuals and diverse factions within politics and society.....but even if you have taken a perfunctory interest in anything Malaysian in the recent past you can sense that Malaysia is  a runaway train hurtling at breakneck speed downhill sans brakes and driver and heading towards a brick wall. And for some unknown reason those from Umno are all rushing towards the front carriage while others are either jumping off the train or making their way towards the end carriage so as to be as far away from the point of impact as they possibly can. But for Umno and for the other passengers in that train it will all be for nothing for surely the impact of the train crash will maim or surely kill them all!   

Like it or not the spill over from decades of the politics of impunity by irresponsible politicians that eschews all sense of accountability to others and dismiss the taking of responsibility for their action towards any other interest bar their own seems to have run its course and Armageddon now beckons for Umno and for the rest of us.

And fittingly it will have its day of reckoning at where it all started so many many decades ago when Dato Onn founded Umno!

Over time Umno has had its its ups and downs and it periodic upheavals as its attempts to cleanse itself of any riff raffs but what is about to transpire in this perhimpunan Umno is more than just a tiff between factions that has agreed to disagree with each other over the division of the spoils of politics.

Always in Umno change comes from the top down. The president wants change and the rders go down to the akar umbi and ponderously that great behemoth of a political Jabba the Hut we know as Umno, moves it self to comply.

This time change comes at the instigation...nay the demand...from the rank and file. Yes there is division between Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin ....but that division is not enough to cause anything more than a ripple within the ranks of Umno. For Najib is timid and Muhyiddin, like Ku Li, is too financially bloated to want to rock Umno's boat to the extent that it least not while he is still on it.

No this time the revolt comes from outside Umno and it reverberates through the rank and file and now manifest itself in a movement that will question Najib on 1MDB and that RM2.6 billion donation and will do so vigorously and not encumbered by anything as crass as money...hopefully  this time it will be about the survival of Umno in the next general election. That and the usual nod towards upholding race, religion, King and country!

And so begins the beginning of the end of Umno as we have known it for the past half a century.

Too little too late to save Umno? Too little to late to save Najib and Muhyiddin  - for sure! The survival of Umno however is now in the hands of the electorate come the next general election. What Umno does between now and that next general election may or may not save itself from an inglorious end - and of this I am sure!

Why am I sure?

The Malays are no longer fighting the non Malays and the Muslims are no longer fighting the infidels. The Malays are fighting each other. Umno is imploding and what will come in the aftermath of this perhimpunan Umno will define not only Politics in Malaysia but the Malays too...hopefully for the better .......but worryingly everything points where money politics and corruption triumphs over all that is good and to the triumph of the one who insists that "Cash is King!"....but a week in politics is a long time and we can only live in hope that good will triumph over evil. We indeed live in interesting times!

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