Saturday 5 December 2015

Dion, Peter Paul and Mary & Martha and the Vandellas.

Its now just past 5am Saturday morning. I have been awake for the past hour or so. At 67 sleep is at times a problem....falling a sleep and trying to sleep! There are times when you simply cannot keep yourself awake because for no reason every part of your self wants to shut down and you need to lie down and sleep no matter what time of the day it is! Then there are the times when you know that  whatever you do there will not be much time left on this earth for you ...and so your mind tells you to wake up and go live life. 

This morning has been one of those days. My mind is still asleep it refuses to allow me to think with enough clarity to allow me to write anything rational. In moments like this I reach out back into my past and listen to the songs that never leaves me....listen with me.

May all that you wish for yourself come true.

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